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Team Nancy Drew

Team Nancy Drew in Florida for MineCon 2013

Team Nancy Drew is comprised of Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, and W92Baj. The team was formed in March 2012 when they were investigating Pakratt0013's unfinished Furnace Prison prank on Guude. As the prank was very elaborate and unfinished, they had great difficulty trying to figure out how it was meant to have worked. It was Pause who first said, "we gotta Nancy Drew this",[1] after fictional detective Nancy Drew. The phrase "Team Nancy Drew" came about when Guude went to place a sign leaving a record of them exposing the prank, Pause's earlier reference to Nancy Drew prompted Beef to suggest that Guude write "Busted --Team Nancy Drew".[2]

A team flair was first available on r/mindcrack on 18 June 2012.[3] After being retired,[citation needed] the flair returned in March 2015.[4] During UHC Season 20, a limited edition flair reading "UHC XX - Team Nancy Drew" was available.

In October 2012, Team Nancy Drew came together in the server to help create a story to introduce new member BlameTC. The story begins with a discovery of a scavenger hunt, leading to an adventure[5] and ending with the slaying of the Wither and the appearance of Blame the Controller. Apparently the scavenger hunt was set up for the children at an orphanage for Halloween.[6] Guude wanted a more interesting and entertaining way of introducing BTC to everybody.[7]


In addition to the games below Team Nancy Drew has played Shoot Many Robots,[8] Bunch of Heroes,[9] and Feed the Beast together.


Main article: MineZ

"MineZ" is a server-side Minecraft mod based on the game DayZ.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare[edit]

Main article: Chivalry#Nancy Drew

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a multiplayer game featuring melee combat with medieval weapons.

Dungeon Realms[edit]

"Dungeon Realms" is a modified Minecraft server that has different mobs and game mechanics.

Perspectives Notable events
20 Feb 2013
  • Starting to explore the world
22 Feb 2013
  • Exploring
  • Trying to figure out game mechanics
  • Checking out realms
24 Feb 2013
  • Exploring
  • Fighting mobs
26 Feb 2013
  • Fighting Wither skeletons and trolls outside a town
  • Exploring a cave

Trials Fusion[edit]

Trials Fusion is a platform racing game released in April 2014. Guude tweeted on 20 March 2015 that Team Nancy Drew would be reuniting for a mini-series.[10]

Perspectives Notable events
21 Mar 2015
  • Playing the tracks "Snow Blind", "Mad Minute", "Frozen City", and "De-mechanized"
23 Mar 2015
25 Mar 2015


Distance is an arcade racing game released in December 2014. Following the close of their Trials Fusion series, Guude announced that Team Nancy Drew plan to released a new mini-series each week.[11]

Perspectives Notable events
29 Mar 2015
31 Mar 2015
2 Apr 2015
4 Apr 2015


Screencheat is a splitscreen multiplayer FPS released in October 2014. Opposing players are invisible in your segment of the screen, so you must "cheat" by looking at their segment of the screen to determine their location.

Perspectives Notable events
6 Apr 2015
  • Playing My First Deathmatch on the maps "Garden" and "Manor"
8 Apr 2015
  • Playing Capture The Fun on the maps "Holy Mountain" and "Steeple"
10 Apr 2015
  • Playing Hillcampers on "Steeple", attempting to play Murder Mystery on "Emir"
  • Playing Juggernaut on "Emir", Capture The Fun on "Ascension"

Ultra Hardcore[edit]

Nancy Drew worked together during Season 1 and Season 2 of MindCrack Ultra Hardcore with the aim of killing the Ender Dragon. In Seasons 4 and 4b, Team Nancy Drew fought to the death against Team DOOKE. Nancy Drew were reunited in Season 9 and Season 20, both of which the season goal was to defeat the Ender Dragon. Guude, Pause and Beef formed Team OP along with AnderZEL in Season 13


The first appearance of all four members of Team Nancy Drew occurred in Orlando Florida at MineCon 2013. The previous year W92Baj met Guude and Pause during the London Meetups after MineCon 2012.


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