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The "E Pranker" has created several pranks on the server that violate one of the main rules of the Prank Wars: Leave a sign stating yourself as the perpetrator. The pranks started at the beginning of November 2012 and continued through the end of the season 3 map. The creator(s) have been referred to as "E" due to the symbol seen with a number of the builds, and an early assumption that they were Etho's doing. All of the pranks have been pulled on BdoubleO100's builds. Each prank has had a sign with a fraction, to three decimal places, equivalent to ⅛, ¼, ⅜, etc. On 29 October 2013, the E Pranker's identity was revealed to be Zisteau



Letters made of jungle wood planks that spell out ETHOS ARENA are added to the columns at the front of the arena. This prank was accompanied by the sign ".125".



A contraption was constructed above the arena so it would block the the beacon in the center. The base and top were made up of snow, with an ice symbol in the center. Seen from underneath the symbol could be interpreted as several different letters, including "E", "M" or "W". Sandwiched between the two circles was a setup involving sand, TNT, redstone torches, redstone and repeaters. The device was topped with a pool of water. This prank was accompanied by a sign reading ".250" on the beacon.[1]



A giant "E" of ice is skewered by the beacon its base covered in snow and levers. This prank was accompanied by a sign reading ".375" on the beacon.



A dirt "E" above his potato farm at his mountain base with a sign that says "I thought you would have found this a long time ago". The dirt E drew BdoubleO's attention to an underground wheat farm, a replica of his "modernized window house" from the earliest of his "Building with BdoubleO" LP's. A long 3x3 tunnel leads to a replica of his first shelter, which as a sign reading ".5" in the doorway.[2] A pressure plate in the wallway sets off TNT on either side.



Several sideways E's (looking like W's) in the sky, made of ice blocks and jungle wood planks in a probably random pattern and a sign made of the same materials saying "E DEPOT", a reference to BDoubleO's old LP home depot build, which had an unfinished sign just like that one. The prank was found above the previous "E" prank with the old "modernized window house". One of the letters in "E DEPOT" had a sign saying ".625".[3]



The first prank on the season 4 map. Several E's in different colors and shapes appeared in BdoubleO100's back yard. In the center of the E's was a trapped chest marked by a sign with: .75 on it. When the trapped chest was opened a redstone signal was sent to multiple TNT blocks below him that went off at the same time. Possibly intended to blow an E in the terrain.



According to BdoubleO this prank was mostly the same as the .75 one, except the E's were made out of snow and ice. Just like the last one, this one had a TNT trap as well. BdoubleO cleaned up this prank without showing it in a video and planted a forest on the spot. In the video he shows the items used in the prank in his inventory, and quickly flashed a small 'E' over it. He did this to send a message to the E pranker in order to force him out of hiding, not realising that the E pranker would reveal himself during the next prank anyway.

The E-pranker's video shows this prank as being slightly different to how BdoubleO described it. The key detail being the formation of a very crude code that hints at the E-pranker's identity. The E's were combined with the numbers 2, 1 and 0 in such a way that when looked at from a certain angle, spelled out a short name that he is often called by others on the server. 2 and 0 each represented a letter, and other hints suggesting that '1 = E', as the signs left at each prank were building up to the number 1. That formula also made up the trail which led BdoubleO to the final prank. BdoubleO failed to notice the code at all.[4]


This was the last prank by the E pranker, and it consisted of several E's leading from BdoubleO's house to a cave, with signs guiding BDoubleO into a room where the E pranker revealed himself. The corridor with the signs had pistons hooked up to a sheep, so if BDoubleO stayed in the area he would eventually cause the sheep to move, causing the floor to be retracted and he would fall to his death.



Viewers have speculated which of the MindCrack members are the perpetrator (or perpetrators), and these guesses have included Etho, Zisteau, Kurt and Generikb. The .75 prank shifted attention to someone who knows about redstone, given the fact a very smart TNT trap was set up right below the chest the sign was near. The trap was set up so that a large amount of TNT blocks all exploded at the same time, creating a sizable crater without any TNT flying outwards from the blast that could cause damage to BdoubleO's nearby house.

BdoubleO interrogated AnderZEL, Millbee and mcgamer in search of the perpetrator.[1]


mcinsidious is an account whose videos seem to indicate activities or knowledge, of which the other MindCrack members are not aware. The first episode, uploaded at the beginning of 2012 appears to show someone burning Guude's golden record and BdoubleO's jukebox and stealing Pyro_0's diamond block and Etho's ice.[5] The account became associated with the E Pranker when a second video was released[6] which appears to have been filmed at the site of the Modernized window house prank. The video was released over a month and a half after the modernized window prank was discovered, and about a week before the E DEPOT prank was discovered.

The channel clarified on 14 August that they were not a server member, and stated that they would not be making more videos.[7]


The identity of the E pranker was revealed October 29 2013, after the final prank was set up.

The prank led BdoubleO' a small distance away from his house, starting with a large 'E' made from snow right outside his front door, followed by a path of 'E=1' sculptures, made from ice. This led BdoubleO into a man-made area dug out underground, where the E-pranker had left the following message. Half way through reading the sign, BdoubleO fell into a falling-trap left by the E-pranker, and had to return and bypass the trap to finish reading it.

I had an idEa SomeTime ago to do a Long prank sEriEs whERE it was all done IN sEcret, where EAch prank in thE Series I would Watch the REacTion to thE prANK and thEn changE thE neXT praNk in thE seRiEs baSed on hoW yOu rEaCted to tHE prEvioUS praNK. ThErE reaLLY was No masTEr pLAn goiNg inTO tHis at the stARt. I had A vErY bAsiC conCEpt of fRAming a seriEs oF eTHO, sincE at thE timE tHe teaM AmeRica vS tEAm cANAda sTUfF haD jUst starTEd, aNd it waS an EASy anD COnvENient coVEr fOr mY praNK ideA at thE tiME, as tiME passED sEVEral thingS cAuSed DElayS to thE seriEs. At tHe stART, I nEVEr wouLD havE drEaMed thAt tHE wHOLe thiNg wOuld tAkE jUst aBouT a fUll yEAr tO fiNISh. bUT iT did, duE in paRt tO tHE FTB sErVer disctRActINg me plUs aT oNe poiNt yOU beCaMe vEry suSpiCious OF thE acTiOns of thE e PRanKer, aND thEn whEn we rESEt the seRVer for THe begINNing oF minDCraCk sEAsOn 4, iT was quITe HarD to fINd tIMe to cONtinuE tHE sEriEs wiTH hOw maNY peOple WeRE cONstantLY onlinE, nOT tO mEntiON hOw clOSE EveryONE wAs to EaCH oTHEr at sPaWn viLLaGe, ArE yOU stIll rEAdiNg tHIs? OH dEar, i hOPe iT wORkeD cORrectLy.

After reading the sign, BdoubleO followed the corridor around, and down even further. The E-pranker was revealed to be Zisteau, having left a large 'ZED' made of snow and lapis, as well as a message saying that he hoped BdoubleO had fun with the prank series.

At MineCon, before the MindCrack panel officially started BdoubleO and Zisteau talked about the prank series. The rest of the MindCrack members mentioned who they had suspected, and Guude said that he had looked at server logs to to try to figure out who the pranker was.[8]


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