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Other builds[edit]

Other builds not represented in the above images include:

MindCrack Vanilla Server[edit]

Season 3[edit]

Season 4[edit]

  • EthoCorp Laboratories: The headquarters of EthoCorp. It is situated in the spawn village.
  • Death Games 2.0: A game where the Mindcrackers' names are randomly selected, and whoever is selected, is victim to being hunted down and killed by other players.
  • Blaze Farm (Unfinished):
  • Season 4 Nether Hub: (Built with BdoubleO100)
  • Ethophia: Etho's new mountain residence with all sorts of buildings.
  • Etho's PvP arena: He hired BdoubleO100 to do the building and Etho did the logic behind it
  • Gold and ghast farm: (Built with Docm77)

MindCrack Feed the Beast Server[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Season 2[edit]

  • Etho's base: Which is comprised of a number of floating islands.
  • Honeycomb Labs: The center of Etho's bee research.
  • Guudeland: Etho's remake of Guudeland from the season 3 vanilla server.
  • BdoubleO100's CoD map: The teleportation and game logics.

Season 3[edit]

  • EthoCorp FTB HQ: Etho made the first version of his HQ but was soon found by The Tea Eaters. He then moved farther away and replicated his old base. In the HQ he has a mob spawner/grinder. He also has IC2 and Thermal Expansion power setups. The cool thing about his base is how he lights it, he uses energized glowstone along the ceiling. Ethos HQ is distinctive because of the blue and white Railcraft blocks which stand out.
  • EthoCorp Castle: When the forest became a safe biome Etho made a castle in it. It is made out of Blue and Black Railcraft blocks, so it really stands out. He protects it using ICBM missile turrets and bees. He has rail systems to transfer items running throughout the castle. AnderZEL blew up part of the castle walls in one of his videos. He has a dark node inside the castle that pulls people in which makes it harder to fight. He made a gift box at the top of his castle which is encased in a MFFS force field.
  • Genetics Lab: To complement his mob grinder, Etho made a genetics lab. Its primary purpose is to spawn in a mob and have safari nets catch it and then have that respawn so he can have infinte of any mob. He uses and Auto Spawner and an Autonomous Activator to do the work for him. He stores all his collected supplies in Deep Storage Units
  • Nature End Base So Far all Etho has revealed is that he wants his end base to be nature themed and have floating islands around it. He has so far built an "floating" path, a few paths and light posts. He also said that he wants it to be riddled somewhat with machinery. He has a system that makes CF pellets already set up. He likes the idea of the islands being connected by big chains.
  • Thaumcraft Base His original thaumcraft base was built above ground near spawn, and was quickly found and raided by Nebris. Currently, Etho has a 2nd thaumcraft base, this time it is underneath the ground somewhere, and has a similar design to his HQ. The second base is much more well developed than the first one.
  • Tinkers Construct Base This is a base Etho had at the start of the season and it housed all of Etho's Tinkers Construct related items. BTC discovered it around the same time as pvp and raiding was enabled, and he blew it up with ICBM Explosives.
  • First Base This is the area that Etho settled down at before pvp and raiding was enabled. It was a rogue-like dungeon beside a village. The dungeon was explored by him and Zisteau right at the start of the season.

MindCrack Crackpack Server[edit]

Season 1[edit]

  • EthoCorp Crackpack began as Etho and BTC setup a starter base in a ravine. Etho later moved out into his mob spawner building, named EthoCorp. It was built using Carpenter Blocks and has a secret entrance to the labs underneath. Some rooms in the labs were dedicated to Thaumcraft, a dark node, force field security, Flans mod, and others. It also contains a tunnel system connecting to other team member bases.