Royal Observatory

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The Royal Observatory was a structure on kurtmac's Spawn village plot in the MindCrack vanilla post-1.8 server. The building was loosely based on the Cincinnati Observatory in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. The observatory contained an observation dome on the top-most floor, which was built to minimize interference from the "white" lighting of normal torches. The observation dome was accessible via a spiral staircase in the east side of the building. Ever since the introduction of breakable Wooden Doors, the doors to the observation dome had been constantly knocked down by Zombies spawning at the base of the dome. Kurt later replaced them with Iron Doors. Gifts of Diamond Ores from PauseUnpause and Gold and Iron Ores from Etho had been given to Kurt but were taken down.

The plot used to house inactive member Davmandave's castle but Guude allowed Kurt to tear it down for the observatory. Davmandave dropped by once and left a sign for Kurt asking where his castle was.