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The Minecraft avatar of davmandave
Born (1991-12-23) 23 December 1991 (age 26)
Country United States
Gender M
Other names davemandave, davman, daveman

davmandave is a former member of the Mindcrack Server. He joined in May 2011 after winning third place in the second contest[1] for a video submission with his Let's Play partner Kennedyzak.[2] Dave became inactive after enlisting in the United States Army.[3] Similar to Alcimedes, Guude says that he would deny a request to return to the server, saying he "had his chance."[4]


davmandave lives in Killeen, Texas.[5] He worked as a tire technician at an auto service center.[6]

Let's Play[edit]


On the Season 2 world, davmandave lived next to Kennedyzak on an island close to Nebris. Unlike Kennedyzak, davman uploaded very few videos due to his weak computer, but uploaded videos more regularly on the Season 3 world as a result of Kennedyzak's removal from the whitelist. He had built an incomplete house in the spawn village. The outer layer of the castle was a wall of Vines. Davman called it the "privacy fence." He was in the process of building a moat and had plans for the battlements.[7] Davman's plot was given to kurtmac in January 2012. In April 2012, ShreeyamGFX stated that davmandave had stopped playing on the server "since he joined the army."[3] W92Baj confirmed in July 2012 that Davman had been removed from the server whitelist.[8]


Minecraft skin[edit]

Davman's skin is based on the grass and dirt textures from the game.

davmandave's Minecraft skin

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