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The Minecraft avatar of VintageBeef
Artistic representation of VintageBeef's Minecraft avatar

Beef at MineCon 2013
Personal name Dan
Born (1981-08-26) 26 August 1981 (age 38)[1]
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian
Gender M
Other names
  • Beef
  • Vintage
  • Dan

VintageBeef, also known by his personal name Daniel "Dan" M.,[2] is a Portuguese Canadian Let's Play commentator, a member of Mindcrack since May 2011, and a member of HermitCraft since September 2016. He joined Mindcrack after placing first in the second contest,[3] though Guude later said he would've invited him to join regardless of the outcome.[4]


VintageBeef was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario[5][6] and currently lives north of Toronto.[7] Beef's parents come from Lisbon, Portugal,[8] and spoke Portuguese at home.[5][9] Beef attended "Portuguese school"[5] until he was 12,[10] in addition to his regular schooling.[10][11] Beef has a sister 5.5 years younger than himself.[12]

Beef attended the University of Windsor, but transferred to the University of Toronto after one year.[13] Beef graduated with a degree in sociology, which he says he has put to zero use.[14]

Prior to his YouTube career, Beef was a used-car photographer - he has mentioned previously working at AutoTrader.[15] In his spare time, he still does photography and, as of the late, mainly macro.[16] During his late-teens, Beef was working as a butcher at Loblaws, which was the inspiration for the handle "VintageBeef".[17]

Let's Play[edit]

Before he started uploading videos on his current channel, Beef used the YouTube account "thebigmandan2".[18] Using that account, Beef was an early subscriber of Guude and AnderZEL. Beef says Guude and Anderz was the reason he began playing Minecraft.[19] also saying he began uploading YouTube videos because he felt that there was no point building something amazing to have no one else see it.[citation needed]

Upon the announcement of the second contest for entry into the Mindcrack Server, Beef submitted a video showing off a museum of various Mindcrack references and builds.[18]

Beef's first public appearance was at Orlando, Florida in November 2013 for MineCon 2013.[20] Before attending MineCon, Beef joked that his "manly good looks" were comparable to "a combination of Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Antonio Banderas."[21] In June 2014, Beef mentioned he still receives requests to make his first public appearance from some viewers, citing his lack of vlogs as an explanation.[22] In August 2014, Beef was featured in an article by Tony Dreier, who noted "[Beef] doesn't crave the spotlight" and "... doesn't show himself at all."[23] Beef has since made his first vlog, to celebrate hitting 1,000,000 YouTube subscribers.[24]


Beef was initiated into the Mindcrack Prank Wars by davmandave and Kennedyzak when they built an assortment of noise machines under his house.[25] Since then, Beef has actively set up pranks against other players and retaliated against ones set up for him. Team Canada was formed through the Prank Wars, when VintageBeef and Etho helped PauseUnpause set up a prank on Guude.

On the post Beta 1.8 map, VintageBeef's two main projects were his castle, a replica of Hunyad Castle, a near six-hundred year old castle in Hunedoara, Romania,[26] and his Jungle Village. The jungle island was discovered by Nebris[27] but used by Beef because he wanted to add more variety to his builds.[28] While the server was using the 1.6 snapshots, Beef and Guude built a western themed town.

On the Feed the Beast server, VintageBeef was present for the unveiling, along with the rest of Team Nancy Drew.[29] He planned to build a cannery for zombie flesh,[30] but after a map reset (and a subsequent start of a new season), he decided instead to build a zoo that was planned to eventually house animals and mobs that Feed the Beast introduced.[31] He eventually went back to the cannery as a side project.

VintageBeef's first project on the Season 4 map is a massive sea fortress nicknamed the Lilly pad. Other projects included a steampunk village at an extreme hills biome and an evil castle on an island. VintageBeef built a variety of "pads" around his steampunk village as he did whilst working on the Lilly Pad including a sheep pad and a futuristic chicken pad. Beef made a giant hot air balloon to connect his nether portal too.

At the beginning of season 5, Beef once again was specific in choosing which type of block he broke first.[32]

Personal life[edit]

Sara in July 2015

Beef is a fan of the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL.[33][34] His favorite animal is a bear.[35] He is 6'2.[36]


Beef is the owner of two dogs; an English Bulldog named Bubba since June 2013,[37][38] and a French Bulldog named Daisy since 17 August 2015.[39] Prior to owning Bubba, Beef's first dog was a female Pit bull named Angel, and his second was a male Rottweiler named Bailey.[40]


Beef was previously in a relationship with Tawnee Blakely (known on Twitter as @tawnchayy). He had mentioned on 3 August 2014 that the two were dating,[41][42] having previously interacted on Twitter as early as 23 July.[43] She featured in his ALS ice bucket challenge video on 19 August.[44] Without specifically naming Tawnee, Beef said in a video on 4 November 2014, "I had been seeing this girl for a little while, and I wont go into detail, but she kinda broke the old ticker a few times. I kept coming back for more because I'm a glutton for punishment apparently", concluding "the good news is that it's all over now."[45]

Beef was in a relationship with model and makeup artist Sara Tyler Tyson, since 14 November 2014.[46] Known in Minecraft as Saratylerr, Sara has featured regularly in Beef's Pocket Pixels Pixelmon series - her first appearance being in episode 12 on 24 October 2015.[47] While Beef was ill, Sara recorded a special unnumbered episode of Pixelmon by herself, which was released on 14 January 2016.[48] A popular request from viewers was for Sara to began her own Let's Play. Her channel, Sarzillaxo, was created on 19 January.[49] Beef made mentioned of this on 28 January,[50] boosting the channel to approximately 2,000 subscribers overnight.[51] The pair broke up in May 2017.[52]

Beef got engaged to Kristin on 29 January 2019. [53]

Social and political views[edit]

Although he is a fan of The Apprentice, Beef says he would not support Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign. He says Bernie Sanders is the candidate he associates with most.[54]

Minecraft skin[edit]

VintageBeef's skin was made by Blae000 in Beef's skin contest.[55] Although he attended MineCon 2013 and MineCon 2015, Beef did not redeem his capes. He did, however, redeem his cape for attending MineCon 2016.[56]

VintageBeef's Minecraft skin

Previous skins/Alternate skins[edit]

VintageBeef's earliest known Minecraft skin is The Stig from British TV show Top Gear.[57] Beef also briefly used a Montreal Canadiens skin.[33]


  • During his time on the pre-Beta 1.8 server, VintageBeef was referred to a number of times as "ModernChicken" by adlingtont and as "steakdude" by ShreeyamGFX.[66] These nicknames have since fallen out of use.

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