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This is a list of paulsoaresjr's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by paulsoaresjr on the MindCrack server.

Post Beta 1.8 World[edit]

The playlist for this season is "Mindcrack".

Video Notable events Featuring
11 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack SMP E00 "Spawn Town Tour (with stalker)" (Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Takes a tour of the Spawn Village and the Nether Hub with Guude while being stalked by MC Gamer.
Guude, mcgamer
12 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack SMP E01 "Leap of Faith" (Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Letting Zisteau's dogs out and falling to his death in the mineshaft
  • Introducing himself and MindCrack
17 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack SMP E02 "Punching Wood" (Survival Multiplayer)"
21 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack SMP E03 "Hobbit Hole" (Survival Server)"
  • Working on his house
  • Talking about doomsday prophecies and scenarios
  • Telling a story about a knocking in the night
23 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack SMP E04 "Santa Soares" (Survival Server)"
  • Making a tree decorated with random Christmas presents
26 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack SMP E05 "Happy Holidays!" (Survival Server)"
4 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E06 "Fowl Deed at Bag End" (Survival Server)"
  • Discovering Avidya's chicken prank and killing them
  • Shearing sheep and discussing hobbit touches to his home
8 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E07 "Claiming My Nub" (Survival Server)"
  • Finding Kurts chicken store
  • Digging through the Nether to find a new place
  • Singing a song from Lord of the Rings
18 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E08 "Tater Tot Territories" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Choosing a new spot to build
  • Discussing Beef's attempt at sneaking up on him with an invisibility potion
25 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E09 "A Fun-Guy Prank" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Trying to get back to spawn through the Nether
  • Pranking Avidya with mushrooms
5 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E10 "Ender Chest of WTFudge" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Adds a hidden dirt hut inside Avidya's base with some joke signs
  • Apologizes for putting his prank video out early
8 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E11 "Sad and Lonely Mountain" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Goes caving
  • Asks people if they want him to play on the FTB server
15 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E12 "Surprise Guest and B-Team Signal!" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Caving and exploring the mineshaft
  • Finding the snowman friend BTC made him
  • Talking about his decision not to play FTB
  • Interior decorating
  • Constructing a giant "B" to signal the B-Team to help him with his jungle.
1 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E13 "Cousin Genny's Recreational Vehicle" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Discovering Cousin Genny has parked his RV in his yard
  • Making grog for when the B-Team comes
  • Exploring the mineshaft and talking about his plans for it
  • Discussing his early experiences with Minecraft
5 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E14 "Mosh Pit" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Breeding his animals
  • Talking about his sister
  • Interior decorating
  • Visiting the village
7 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E15 "B-Team Jungle Removal" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Getting the B-Team to help clear his jungle with a Wither, lava and fire
BdoubleO100, generikb
21 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E16 "Rescue Pets" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Naming the pets he has rescued from clearing the jungle
  • Discussing his signature pranking move
  • Turning lava into cobble to mine for future builds
  • Talking about Pax East
  • Searching his villages for potatoes for his potato farm
  • Noticing the chickens prank at his village
19 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E17 "Mountainous PRANK!" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Blowing up Generik's RV and burning his "magenta turkey" (pink flamingo)
  • Discovering Generik has enveloped his house in a large cobble pyramid
  • Discussing his plans for the new Lonely Mountain
24 May 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E18 "Future Plans" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • Discussing his future plans on the server
7 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E19 "Boston B-Team PRANK for Pause" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
27 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack SMP E20 "Map Reset!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)" (Multiplayer Survival Server)"
  • His thoughts on the new server.

Post 1.6 World[edit]

The playlist for this season is Mindcrack - Brave New World!

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E1 "New (dubious) Beginnings" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Gathering resources, exploring and taming horses
  • Talking about what he might do and trying to find a place to set up a base
3 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E2 "Night at Doc's Coven of Luv" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Moving to a new location
  • Hiding out in Doc's hut overnight
9 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E3 "Trading with the Mad Viking" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Planting trees and working on a treehouse
  • Renaming Doc's which hut
  • Explaining why he couldn't make group events
  • Meeting Anderz at spawn to trade gravel for potions
  • Touring what has happened at spawn
  • Framing some of Kurts things and leaving a sign saying they should be in a museum
13 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E4 "Dungeons & Diamonds" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Montage of running through the night back towards spawn
  • Baby zombie "Boy Scout"
  • Working on making his farms
  • Caving and collecting quartz in the Nether
15 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E5 "Curse of the XP Farm!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Collecting XP from Avidya's skeleton XP farm to enchant his diamond pickaxe
  • Working on the treehouse
18 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E6 "Iron and Pumpkin Seeds, Sucka!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Exploring a mineshaft near his treehouse
  • Explaining why he couldn't attend UHC season 12
  • Recalling an accident he encountered
23 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E7 "Professional Donkey Stud" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Continue exploring the mineshaft
  • Thinking of introducing a monster-style theme park in a mineshaft
  • Leaving gravel in a chest for Anderz
  • Asking for names for his horses
  • Breeding and taming a mule at generikb's donkey sanctuary
25 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E8 "House on a Tree" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Conversation with "Boy Scout" Zombie
  • Working out the branches for his treehouse
29 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack S4E9 "Trading Post Prep" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Naming his horses
  • Expanding the trunk and making adjustments to the entrance of the treehouse
  • Noticing the signs Vechs left at spawn
  • Explaining his plan for a Trading Post at spawn
  • Setting up the framework for the Trading Post
1 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E10 "Ferris Mueller's Day Off" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Naming his mule
  • Sharing and reenacting a scene in A Fistful of Dollars
  • Working on the Trader Jr's Trading Post
  • Showing how the Trading Post works
8 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E11 "Trader Jr's First Customer: Bub!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Rushing to save Docm77 at his house
  • Attending to the first customer, Bub at the Trader Jr's Trading Post
  • Finishing up the roof of the trading post
  • Talking about participating for the Tough Mudder and describing the event
AnderZEL, Docm77
12 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E12 "There Goes the Neighborhood!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Reading the signs that his neighbor Vechs left him after his Tough Mudder trip
  • Investigating a tunnel underneath his treehouse
  • Putting signs at his mineshaft informing others to keep it intact for his future project
  • Checking out BdoubleO's modern house and Zisteau's Map Wall
  • Collecting wool for his next prank
  • Checking out the Trader Jr's and building a front porch at the trading post.
BdoubleO100, generikb, Pyro_0
13 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E13 "Fleecy Box PRANK by VECHS!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Continue exploring the tunnel below his treehouse
  • Announcing plans to build the mineshaft theme park with Vechs
  • Receiving an enchanted diamond sword from the fleecy box by Vechs
20 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E14 "All Natural 30!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Caving
  • Talking about playing a dual-survival Minecraft series with his son
  • Describing his kayaking trip at Maine
21 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E15 "Pucker Up, GenerikB!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Returning BdoubleO's horse
  • Checking out Etho's Horse Timer
  • Pranking generikb for his makeover video at VidCon 2013
23 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E16 "Museum Donations by KurtJMac!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Losing and finding his mule
  • Discovering that kurtmac has left him items for the upcoming museum
  • Checking out and collecting feathers from BTC's fast food "Royal Chicken"
  • Preparing book and quill in every chest of the Trader Jr's for more request orders
  • Intending to build a curator's office at spawn for donations to the museum
26 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E17 "Begone, Foul Music!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Noticing Vech's mini prank in front of his treehouse
  • Checking out Arkas's Outdoor Theater and BdoubleO's Luck Box
  • Collecting sand to make sandstone
  • Talking about how his daughter's love of music from a boy band has influenced him
  • Building the curator's office at spawn for the future museum.
31 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack S4E18 "We Meet Again, Dr. Jones!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Interview with Anderz and Pyro at Pyro's Broadcasting Corporation
  • Trying to capture Dr. Jones, the zombie villager as the curator
  • Checking out generikb's donations to the museum
  • Redefining the purpose of the museum and rewarding the donors
AnderZEL, Pyro_0
4 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E19 "Breaking Ground for Mindcrack Museum!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Checking out more donations to the museum
  • Checking out Vechs mini prank at his treehouse
  • Collecting sand from the desert
  • Laying the foundations for the Mindcrack Museum
  • Stopping by Shree's base, collecting his items and donating some to the museum
6 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E20 "Secret Lair of Vechs!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Checking out Vechs' secret base
  • Exploring a mineshaft and attempting to destroy a cave spider spawner with Vechs
7 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E21 "Vechsian X-Ray Machine!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Continue exploring the mineshaft and stronghold with Vechs
  • Trying out Vechs' x-ray machine
8 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E22 "It's Raining Diamonds!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Continue exploring the mineshaft and stronghold with Vechs
  • Caving
  • Noticing BdoubleO and Docm77's death chats from the wither
  • Collecting sandstone from a sandpit
19 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E23 "Sand MADNESS!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Receiving BlameTC's invitation to the Dothraki Horse Camp
  • Checking out Docm77's donation to the museum
  • Collecting more sandstone
  • Getting killed by Bub the baby zombie
  • Getting viewers to choose the design for the museum
21 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E24 "Ferris - Found and TAKEN!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Helping Arkas to fend off the zombie horde
  • Building the stairway and explaining the layout of the museum
  • Telling about the program he uses to record his videos
  • Witnessing generikb riding his missing mule
Arkas, AvidyaZEN, generikb
23 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E25 "Response to GenerikB's Ransom!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Replying a counter offer for generikb to release his mule "Ferris Mueller"
25 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E26 "Special Weapons Delivery" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Showing Anders a tour of his tree house
  • Receiving special weapons from Vechs
  • Building the walls of the first floor of the museum
26 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E27 "Classified Project" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Starting the 2nd floor of the museum
  • Starting out a SWAT Tactical Operations Center
  • Checking out the finished Nether Hub
28 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E28 "Ghastly Balls of Fire!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Setting up a nether portal to his tree house base
  • Collecting quartz and building the SWAT Center
30 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack S4E29 "SWAT Operations Center" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Giving a tour of his completed SWAT Tactical Operations Center
  • Noticing that Vechs is converting Shree's base into a Sniper Fort Monument
  • Receiving a sandy gift from BTC
1 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E30 "Saving Ferris Mueller!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Equipping himself at the SWAT Center and assaulting "Ferris Mueller's" last known location
  • Attacking generikb for kidnapping his mule
  • Having a consensus agreement on the custody of "Ferris Mueller"
2 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E31 "Prank Yourself, Vechs!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Describing his plans to design a path to the Nether Hub
  • Paying Vechs for his services to the SWAT Center and mini-pranking Vechs
  • Finishing the walls of the 2nd floor of the museum
4 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E32 "Museum Exhibit Sampling" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Finishing the walls of the 3rd floor of the museum
  • Checking out generikb's Halloween Costume Shop at spawn
  • Discovering Vechs message to him declaring the prank war
  • Testing out sample exhibit designs in the museum
7 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E33 "Vechs Strikes Back!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer)"
  • Collecting and breeding sheeps for carpets
  • Discovering that his tree house has been enclosed with a sandstone pyramid but mistakenly identifying Vechs as the culprit
  • Building an entrance booth and exhibition wing in the museum
11 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E34 "AnderZEL Did It!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server)"
  • Realising the culprit of the pyramid prank was AnderZEL
  • Discovering Avidya's gift
  • Adding a target board to Anders head on the sandstone pyramid prank
  • Relocating Dr. Jones from spawn to the museum
  • Putting up closing down signs on the curator's office at spawn
15 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E35 "Fishing and Boat Dock - Part 1" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server)"
  • Dismantling Anders sandstone prank while keeping Anders head
  • Building a fishing dock
17 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E36 "Howdy, Neighbor! PRANK!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server)"
  • Building a fishing shack on the dock
  • Removing Anders head in front of his tree house and discovering snow formation at high altitudes
  • Discovering Vechs "Howdy Neighbor" prank
18 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E37 "Gone Fishin'!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server)"
  • Visiting Anders fishing shack at spawn
  • Enchanting a fishing pole at Avidya's skeleton XP farm
  • Fishing at his base
  • Sharing his fishing story with his dad when he was young
20 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E38 "Pumpkin Clone Army!!" (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server)"
  • Infiltrating Vechs base and destroying his pumpkins as part of the SWAT team
22 Oct 2013 "Mindcrack S4E39 "Doc Trump Enterprises, Inc." (Minecraft Survival Multiplayer Server)"
  • Trading for glowstones at Doc's base.
  • Installing display pedestals at the "Ancient Structures" wing of the museum.
BdoubleO100, Docm77

Post 1.7.10 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Collections s5e01 - New Map, Old Mobs"
  • Introduction to Season 5
  • Surviving and trying to gather basics
  • Caving
See Beginning of Season 5