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The Minecraft avatar of Vechs
Artistic representation of Vechs's Minecraft avatar

Vechs from his face reveal
Born 1985 (age 32/33)[1][2][3]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Vechz
  • Vetches
  • Vechs Davion
  • Vechs1

Vechs (pronounced "vɛks", alternatively "vɛt ɛs"),[4] also known by his YouTube name Vechz, is an American Let's Play commentator, and a member of Mindcrack, having joined the Mindcrack Server in July 2013.[5] He is the author of the well-known Super Hostile series of Minecraft maps.


Vechs currently lives in South Carolina. His handle comes from at least 2000,[6] during his Counter-Strike days when he went by the nickname "Vex"[7] which means "to annoy".[8] However various websites required usernames to be four or more characters, and so it became Vechs.[7] Unfortunately, the name "Vechs" was taken on YouTube and in Minecraft, so he registered "Vechz" as his YouTube username and "Vechs1" as his in-game name.[9] He later turned this account into a cameraman and used "Vechs_" as his active account.[10] Vechs began using the Minecraft account "Vechs" as his main account in February 2015.[11]

In RPG and MMO games, such as League of Legends, Mount & Blade: Warband and MechWarrior Online, he uses the name "Vechs Davion".[12]

Vechs has a BA in Media Arts.[13] He currently does YouTube for a living.[14]


Vechs rescued a cat that was abandoned in a grocery store parking lot in May 2013,[15] he named the cat Basil.[16] He owns two other cats, but is allergic to their fur.[17] One of them is called Sage.[18]

Let's Play[edit]

Vechs publicly revealed his appearance for the first time in a video uploaded on 5 June 2016. The 30 minute video features various artwork used by Vechs on his channel, with an image of him appearing for a short moment.[19] was updated with a similar image of Vechs the same day.


Vechs' YouTube banner, created by AxlRosie[20]
Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Towns "Vechs plays Towns" 1 Feb 2013 A Let's Play of the game "Towns".
Mount & Blade: Warband "Mount and Blade Warband " 14 Jun 2013 "Vexed Native" personal mod
Rogue Legacy "Vechs Plays Rogue Legacy" 29 Jun 2013 Paused due to the game being boring at some point
League of Legends "League of Legends with Vechs" 24 Aug 2013 Featuring AxlRosie and Zisteau
Cube World "Vechs Plays Cube World" 16 Sep 2013
Scrolls "Scrolls" 15 Nov 2013
Starbound "Starbound Beta" 4 Dec 2013
World of Tanks "World of Tanks" 18 Jan 2014
Space Engineers "Derps in Space" 1 Jul 2014 Featuring BlameTC
Half-Life series "Vechs Plays the Half-Life Series" 12 Aug 2014
ArcheAge "ArcheAge Launch Day Madness" 16 Sep 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition "Dragon Age Inquisition" 23 Nov 2014
Space Engineers "Space Engineers Meteor Storm Survival" 12 Jan 2015
Besiege "Vechs Plays Besiege" 19 Feb 2015
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim "Surviving Skyrim" 10 Mar 2015 Using various mods.
Fallout: New Vegas "Fallout New Vegas" 23 Jun 2015 Using various mods.
Sims 4
  • 5 Aug 2015
  • 14 Dec 2015
Knights of Pen & Paper 2 "Knights of Pen and Paper 2" 28 Oct 2015
Fallout 4 "Fallout 4" 9 Nov 2015
7 Days to Die "Vechs plays 7 Days to Die" 9 Nov 2015
7 Days to Die Multiplayer "Mindcrack Server 7 Days to Die" 6 Jan 2016
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Creative singleplayer "Vechs' Test World" 15 Nov 2011 Occasional videos on mapmaking-oriented inventions and game mechanics testing
"Super Hostile 10: Spellbound Caves" "Spellbound Caves Dev Commentary" 21 Dec 2011 Developer commentary
"Super Hostile 14: Waking Up" "Super Hostile #14 Waking Up Developer Commentary" 17 Aug 2012 Developer commentary
"Uncharted Territory II: Enter The Darkness" "Uncharted Territory 2 LP" 1 Dec 2012
"Super Hostile 12: Inferno Mines" "Inferno Mines Developer Commentary" 1 Jun 2013 Developer commentary
Mindcrack SMP server 9 Aug 2013
"Super Hostile 12: Inferno Mines" "Chipmunk Mines" 10 Aug 2013 Chipmunk Mines is the same series as "Inferno Mines Developer Commentary" but sped up 1.5 times, so his voice is high-pitched and sounds similar to Disney's Chip and Dale.
Various creative worlds "Minecraft Mapping with Vechs" 10 May 2014
"Super Hostile 9: Sunburn Islands" "Adorabolical Plays Sunburn Islands" 7 Jun 2014 Featuring Aureylian
"Race for Wool 2: Direct Fire" "RMCT Vechs Invitational Match" 29 Jul 2014 Spectating the retirement match for this map.
"Super Hostile 14: Waking Up" "Adorabolical Plays Waking Up" 30 Sep 2014 Featuring Aureylian
Vanilla Singleplayer "Return to Minecraft" 6 Oct 2015


On 17 May 2013, Vechs announced via Twitter that he would be joining Mindcrack,[21] which was confirmed by Guude the same day.[22] On 25 July 2013, Vechs posted a screenshot of the Mindcrack Server spawn to his Twitter.[23] Originally he was interested in playing on the FTB server because he dislikes vanilla Minecraft being too grindy,[24] but later left signs at spawn describing how FTB was rather dead and that he would rather hop on the vanilla server.[25]

Anyway, Vaks
has an idea for
a nifty build.

And since FTB
is sorta kinda
dead, I'll do
it right myah
Well not HERE
here, but on
this server.

So thank you
very much for

I'll see you
guys next

So until then,
take it easy!


Interviewer Media Topics
24 Jul 2011 KruSuPhy Vechs Interview, Creator of Super Hostile!
19 Aug 2011 PauseUnpause "Interview with Vechs"
8 Jan 2012 tgnMinecraft "★ Beyond The Block : Interview with Vechs, ft. Shane! -- WAY➚"

Minecraft skin[edit]

Vechs skin was made after expressing a desire to use a custom skin, as opposed to one based on a character from a video game.[26]

Vechs's clean skinVechs's covered Minecraft skin

Previous skins[edit]

Vechs' previous skin was based on the RED Engineer from Team Fortress 2.[26] He had also used yellow and green variants of the skin.

Alternate skins[edit]

While creating his current primary skin, Vechs used two different experimental skins before settling on the current design.[31]


  • Vechs' favorite color is green.[34]
  • Vechs is 6'6" (1.98m) tall[35] and about 260-270 pounds (117-122kg).[36]
  • Vechs had been previously invited to join the server by Zisteau at some point,[37] but declined stating he was not interested in survival Minecraft.[38]
  • Vechs has a gun collection, but tries not to talk about it much to avoid the harassment that comes with being a gun owner.[39] His carry weapon is a Ruger LC9s Pro.[40]
  • Vechs has a significant other.[41]
  • Vechs sometimes wears glasses.[42]
  • Vechs is a "Brony," a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.[43]

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