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The Minecraft avatar of spoooky_ghost
Other names spooky_ghost

spoooky_ghost, also written as spooky_ghost, is a previously unidentified member of the Mindcrack Server. The spoooky_ghost was first acknowledged in a Mindcrack episode released by BlameTC on 24 October 2014.[1] Later the same day, it was confirmed that "spoooky_ghost" was a paid Minecraft account when Vechs_ tweeted an image of the account online on the server.[2]

Spoooky_ghost left various pranks around the server, including a ghost at spawn to serve as their home,[1][3] a Headless Horseman at the Western town,[3][4] large jack-o-lantern at Zisteau's castle,[5] black cats left around Vechs' keep,[6] and relocating the barn to the nether.[7] The spoooky_ghost often hunted and attacked members of the Mindcrack Server while they were livestreaming.

On 31 October 2014, AvidyaZEN, BlameTC, Coestar, Guude, mcgamer, Pakratt0013, PauseUnpause, and W92Baj gathered on the server to uncover the mystery of their haunted server. The spoooky_ghost was revealed to be new member OMGchad.[8] Upon the reveal, Chad uploaded his perspective of the execution of the pranks,[9] and made a Tumblr post with a further explanation of the pranks.[10]



  • Chad spent 42.1 hours on the server as "spoooky_ghost".[11]

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