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The Minecraft avatar of OMGchad
Artistic representation of OMGchad's Minecraft avatar

OMGchad at PAX East 2015
Personal name Chad
Born (1989-04-14) 14 April 1989 (age 29)[1]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Chad

OMGchad, also known by his personal name Chad Ryan Johnson,[2] is an American Let's Play commentator and a member of the Mindcrack Server since October 2014. Chad joined the server using the alias spoooky_ghost, pranking members of the server in the week leading up to Halloween, before revealing that he had joined Mindcrack.[3]

Prior to joining Mindcrack, Chad attended PlayOnCon 2013, the MindCrack Party at MineCon 2013, GameVid Expo 2014, PAX East 2014, PlayOnCon 2014 and PAX Prime 2014 with the Mindcrackers. He has been the host of the Mindcrack Weekly Recap since April 2014,[4][5] a guest on the CrackPack server since July 2014,[6] the official spectator/host of the 2014 Mindcrack Marathon's UHC #ForTheKids event, and a guest during UHC Season 18.


Chad in September 2013

Chad was born in Austin, Texas.[7] Chad has an older sister, Riley Drew.[8][9][10][11][12] His father's name is Dane.[13] His family is of Irish descent.[14][1]

Chad had major social and academic troubles during elementary school, later learning he had ADHD and was dyslexic. From middle school onwards, Chad attended Rawson Saunders, a private school for dyslexic students but later moved back into public schooling[7] at Austin High School.[15] Chad has mentioned working at The Magic Camp, T. Myers Magic, and Game Shows To Go during his schooling.[16] Chad graduated high school in 2007.[17]

Through a mutual friend, Chad got an internship working as the stage manager for Brian Brushwood.[7] With Brian, Chad traveled all over the world and visited places such as Indonesia setting up Brian's show and selling merchandise.[18] Chad was credited as a Creative Consultant on various episodes of Discovery Digital Networks' web series "Scam School".[19][20] He says he gained the knowledge and connections required in the media industry thanks to Brian.[7] While working for Brian, Chad applied for a job as an Associate Producer at and moved to Petaluma, California in 2011 for the position.[7][21]

Chad worked as a producer for "This Week in TECH", "This Week in Google", and "MacBreak Weekly" as well as hosting "OMGcraft", "RedditUP", and "The Giz Wiz".[22] Chad announced via a Tumblr post that he was no longer employed at TWiT as of 28 October 2014 but will continue hosting The Giz Wiz.[23] He says the company was restructuring their staff and no longer needed someone to fill the role Chad was in.[24] In March 2015, Chad began his move to Los Angeles, California.[25]


Chad found the YouTube community through a school project[7] that involved him creating an unofficial music video for Lemon Demon's song Bad Idea, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel "Krazzydude07" on 2 October 2006.[26] Chad made subsequent music videos for other songs including Lemon Demon's Marketland[27] and Songs To Wear Pants To's Emmy Go Go Go[28] in 2007.

During college, Chad became interested in doing his own vlogging.[7] On 1 January 2008, Chad uploaded his first vlog to his YouTube channel "chadrjohnson", where he talked about his plan to upload one video per day for one year.[29] Chad uploaded six consecutive videos before his streak ended. On 29 January 2008, Chad announced he would be moving back to his "Krazzydude07" YouTube channel.[30] He uploaded videos periodically until announcing "Operation 364+1" in January 2009, aiming once again to upload one video per day for one year.[31] On 23 May 2009, Chad was featured on 365project, a YouTube channel where a vlogger was featured for every day of the year.[32] In September 2009, Chad announced he would be moving to his current YouTube channel "OMGchad",[21][33] and would no longer be continuing "Operation 364+1".[34] In his Draw My Life video, Chad says his vlogging had become increasingly frustrating.[7]

Revival of series[edit]

Many aspects of Chad's "Krazzydude07" vlogs are visible in videos on his current channel "OMGchad". His "Chad On The Street" series where he interviews strangers out in public is based on a segment he hosted on retired TWiT show "In Other News".[35][36][37] Chad's "You Sent It In!" series where he opens mail received through his PO Box is based on his semi-regular series of the same name from his Krazzydude07 channel.[38]


Chad moved to Texas so this one is probably no longer being used.
Chad Johnson
7119 W. Sunset Blvd. #182
Los Angeles, CA 90046[1]


The YouTube avatar of OMGcraftShow
Main article: OMGchad/OMGcraft

OMGcraft is an educational Minecraft video series hosted by OMGchad on the YouTube channel "OMGcraftShow". On 18 February 2013, Chad announced OMGcraft would be partnering with TWiT as of 1 April 2013.[39] The show stayed partnered with TWiT until September 2014. The set for OMGcraft was relocated to Chad's living room.[24]

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of OMGchad
Game Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Cube World "OMG Plays Cube World" 30 Sep 2013
Papers, Please "OMG Plays Papers, Please" 12 Aug 2013
Rogue Legacy "OMG Plays Rogue Legacy" 30 Sep 2013
X Rebirth "X: Rebirth" 26 Nov 2013
Banished "Banished" 26 Feb 2014
Garry's Mod "Garry's Mod" 4 Jul 2014 See Garry's Mod
Mario Kart 8 "Mario Kart 8" 23 Sep 2014 See Mario Kart 8
Depth "Depth With Aurey, Guude, Pause and more!" 16 Mar 2015 See Depth
Ori and the Blind Forest "Ori And The Blind Forest" 17 Mar 2015
Map Playlist or First episode Start date Brief description
Feed the Beast "OMG Plays FTB" 5 May 2013
Craft On! SMP Server "Craft On! Minecraft SMP" 24 May 2013 Featuring BlenderMF, panntz, Cheeetozz, nickflame20, iPodParf, t2t2, Vantes, and yyy123456778
Minecraft PVP "Minecraft PVP" 27 Aug 2013 With the Midnight Society
"The Building Game" "Building Game" 2 Oct 2013 SethBling's Building Game featuring changing group of members of the Mindcrack server and guests
Minecraft Mini Games "Mini Games!" 26 Dec 2013 Featuring changing group of members of the Mindcrack server and guests
TerraFirmaCraft Modded singleplayer "TerraFirmaCraft" 20 May 2014
Mindcrack CrackPack Modded multiplayer "Mindcrack Crackpack" 5 Jul 2014
"Captive Minecraft II" "Captive Minecraft II" 16 Jul 2014 Featuring Aureylian
"The Reef" "The Reef: Minecraft Map - "Thousands of Worlds"" 16 Jul 2014 Featuring Vechs_ and joehillssays
"Diversity 2" "Minecraft Diversity 2 with Guude & Chad" 18 Sep 2014 Featuring Guude
Mindcrack survival multiplayer "Mindcrack" 31 Oct 2014
"The Color of Infinity" "The Color of Infinity With Guude" 5 Nov 2014 Featuring Guude
"Alien: A Crafter's Isolation" "Alien: A Crafter's Isolation with Guude!" 27 Nov 2014 Featuring Guude in the Minecraft adventure map based on the game Alien: Isolation
"Monstrosity" "Minecraft Monstrosity with Beef & Guude" 7 Jan 2015 Featuring Guude and VintageBeef. See Team GOB#Monstrosity
"Pantheon" "Minecraft Pantheon with Beef & Guude" 26 Feb 2015 Featuring Guude and VintageBeef. See Team GOB#Pantheon
"Ragecraft II" "Ragecraft 2" 28 Jun 2015 Featuring Guude and VintageBeef. See Team GOB#Ragecraft II


Chad first met Guude at PlayOnCon 2013.[40] In July 2014, Chad joined the CrackPack server as a guest on the Best Team,[6] and also became an active participant in Mindcrack's Garry's Mod recordings.[41] Prior to officially joining, Chad took part in Mindcrack's smaller administrative meetings along with Guude and WesWilson.[42][43] While at PAX Prime 2014, Chad secretly joined the Mindcrack Server using SethBling's account. He left a sign hidden under spawn declaring his presence on the server.[44][45]

Seth left his comp
sighned on at PAX
was here

Chad was invited to join Mindcrack by Guude,[46] officially joining on 2 October 2014.[47] Using the alias spoooky_ghost, Chad logged into the server for the first time on 20 October 2014.[48] He first logged into the server with his main account on 1 November 2014.[49]

Chad built his starter home close to VintageBeef's base.[50] He built a workshop as an extension to his original house,[51] and built a hidden staircase connecting to the nearby ravine.[52]

Personal life[edit]

On 3 October 2015, Chad flew to Chicago, Illinois to surprise fans by unexpectedly attending a community-organized meetup of his fans.[53][54]


Chad with purple hair

In November 2011, Chad dyed his natural dark hair color to red.[55] In a video posted in October 2013, Chad explains that he first dyed his hair red at a party one night, mimicking a friend who also dyed their hair red. He says that the hairstyle stuck with him as his YouTube channel grew.[56] Since 17 June 2014, Chad has worn his hair in the popular "undercut" style, with the sides of his head shaved.[57][58][59][60] The hair dye Chad currently uses is luminescent.[61]

A $300,000 stretch goal for Chad to shave his entire head was put in place during the 2015 Mindcrack Marathon.[62] Although the goal was not reached, Chad dyed his hair purple during the closing ceremony after an impromptu donation goal was created and met.[63]


Chad was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia as a child.[7] He is approximately 5'11".[1]

Chad has an aversion to touching eyeballs or seeing them being touched.[64]

Relationships and family[edit]

Chad wears a Claddagh ring, a traditional Irish ring worn to symbolize relationships. Based on how he wears the ring, Chad is not looking for a relationship as of January 2015.[14] Chad calls his father by his personal name.[13]


Chad's favorite movie franchises are Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Alien.[65] His favorite video game is Ultima IX: Ascension.[66]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Chad's skin is a representation of himself. Chad updated his skin in July 2014.[67] Chad received a Cape for attending MineCon 2013[68] and 2015.[69]

OMGchad's Minecraft skin

Previous skins[edit]


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