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Christmas is an annual event on the HermitCraft server and has been celebrated since 2012.

Christmas 2012[edit]

The slime farm was edited to have a santa hat on top. The spawn town was also edited to be covered in show.

Santa Genny[edit]

generikb went around the server, dropping off a chest at each member's base with a sign on a spruce tree and either a diamond named "Nice" or a piece of coal named "Naughty"[1]

Recipient Video Opening Present Date
Gift Sign Text
Aureylian "HermitCraft Episode 3: Biffa, Diamonds and Dying" 15 Jan 2013 1 "Nice" Diamond "Merry Xmas and welcome back!!!! -Santa Genny"
Biffa2001 (unavailable) 1 "Nice" Diamond "Ho Ho Ho You've Been A Good Boy -Santa Genny"
hypnotizd (unavailable) 1 "Nice" Diamond "I guess you've been nice sorta -Santa Genny"
IAmSp00n (unavailable) 1 "Naughty" Coal "You've Been A very Naughty Boy -Santa Genny"
Jessassin (unavailable) 1 "Naughty" Coal "You Betta Watch Out... Santa Genny's comin to town"
joehillssays (unavailable) 1 "Nice" Diamond "Howdy Joe Santa Genny here! Merry Xmas!"
Keralis1 "HermitCraft with Keralis - Episode 35: Bye Bye Bachelor Crib!" 26 Dec 2012 1 "Nice" Diamond "Merry Xmas To my Favorite Bo-Buddy -Santa Genny"
KingDaddyDMAC (unavailable) 1 "Naughty" Coal "Santa Genny sees that you have been cheaty! ;-)"
monkeyfarm (unavailable) 1 "Naughty" Coal "Merry Xmas You naughty Little Monkey -Santa Genny"
red3yz (unavailable) 1 "Nice" Diamond "Happy Xmas You've been a good Hermit -Santa Genny"
The Pixel Nerds (unavailable) unknown (didn't record) "Happy Xmas Ya Knuckleheads From Santa Genny"
topmass "HermitCraft! {EP.70} - Auto Chicken Farm!" 8 Jan 2013 1 "Nice" Diamond "You've been a goy boy allllll year! :) -Santa Genny"
Xisuma (unavailable) 1 "Naughty" Coal "stick this in your furnace and smelt it! -Santa Genny"


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