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Contests were organized by Guude in the past and winners were allowed onto the MindCrack server. Since the start of the MindCrack SMP server in December 2010, Guude has introduced a variety of new players to the community through either personally selecting them from his friends (or existing members' friends), or through competitions. Upon being selected or winning a competition the player is added to the server's whitelist, offering exclusive access to the MindCrack server. Guude is no longer holding contests and members are now only given access through invitation.

First contest[edit]

Question #1 from the first member competition

The first public contest for entry was announced on 25 December 2010 (Christmas Day) via both a post on the Minecraft Forum[1] and a video on his YouTube channel.[2] The competition took the form of a quiz about the first season of Mindcrack, which documented only Guude's original single player Let's Play. However, rather than simply posting the questions directly to the Forum, he modified the world save file from season one to include 26 questions written on signs, all of which required knowledge about him and his show to answer. The file was then released publicly for download and entrants could submit their completed answer responses to him via private message on YouTube.

The first three contestants to submit a set of 100% correct answers would be awarded a place on the server's whitelist and join him to play Minecraft. If no-one obtained a complete set of correct answers by 1 February 2011, then he would pick the topmost scoring entry and award them the prize, with an additional two places being announced for the succeeding most high scoring entries in the subsequent months.

The first full set of correct answers was submitted on 1 January, belonging to Nebris, who was announced as a winner later that day.[3] Espie23 was likewise announced as the second.[4]

No other winners were announced until 1 February as no entrants reached the required 100% correct answers, however on that date Guude awarded access to two users rather than the originally stated one. The first was a "last minute submission" from Forum member adlingtont, who missed one question, and the second was fellow member Kuroro, who had submitted earlier in January.[5] Both had made entries missing just one answer, which incidentally was both absent from the same question.[6][7] Arkas also entered in the competition.[8][9]

This brought the total number of Mindcrack members to ten as of February 2011; Guude, madcow21, Alcimedes, thejims, jsano19, Nebris, Espie23, Crysix, Kuroro and adlingtont.

The save file for his Mindcrack single player quiz is no longer available.

Second contest[edit]

The second public contest for a slot on the MindCrack server was announced on 21 April 2011, during a video on Guude's YouTube channel.[10] Entrants were asked to submit a Minecraft video, which could be an episode from their Let's Play or video made specifically for the competition, as a video response to the episode announcing the contest. 38 people entered prior to Guude choosing his top ten and asking the viewers to vote for their favorites by submitting a comment with one or more names selected from the top ten.[11] The number of people who would be allowed to join the server had not been determined at this point. Comments were closed on Friday, 6 May 2011 and votes were manually tallied to prevent individuals from voting more than once.[12]

The winners were announced on 8 May 2011.[13] First place was VintageBeef,[14] second place was W92Baj,[15] and third place was 2creditstoplay (davmandave and Kennedyzak).[16] All four people were given slots on the server. In addition to those individuals, Guude chose to let in a wildcard, 5th place ShreeyamGFX[17] over the 4th place entrant just_defy.[18] Winners received the information to join the server on Monday, 9 May 2011.[19]

Third contest[edit]

The third and final contest to join the MindCrack server was announced by a video on Guude's YouTube channel[20] on 5 August 2011, near the end of the pre-1.8 map. He asked contestants to finish the arena he had been working on for most of his season 2. In the announcement video Guude first explained his vision for the arena, including the scaled Minecraft spider that was to span the length of the arena, the spleef arena, the stands, the area beneath the stands, and the mob system.

Requirements for entries:

  • The spider must be completed, correctly scaled, and maintain the colorations of the vanilla Minecraft spider
  • The tail section of the spider must have a spleef arena
  • Stands
  • Mob systems
  • No group submissions (multiple people could work on it, but only the submitter could win)
  • Keep to the spirit of the original build (ie. no rows of diamond block)
  • Videos with commentary were preferred, but image albums were also accepted

Entrants were provided a download of the map, and were given until 25 August to complete their designs. The winners were voted on by the members on the MindCrack server, and were announced by Guude on 1 September.[21] just_defy won first place,[22] Pakratt0013 placed second, and Arkas was third.[23] Several current or past members of the MindCrack Fan Server also placed in the top 15, including GrimLP[24][25] and mishterbobo. The three winners joined the server beginning in the 1.8 world.

Fan Server[edit]

Members of both the MindCrack and the MindCrack Fan Servers had held contests when slots are available for them to give out.

Date Member and announcement video Description Winner(s) and announcement video
15 Sep 2011 jsano19: "Minecraft - Let's Play - S3E001 - Video Intro Contest" Intro video contest PimpingPanda
22 Oct 2011 VintageBeef: "Mindcrack Fan Server Contest Announcement!" Intro video contest Cerineg, DualVenge
2 Nov 2011 BdoubleO100: "Come play with me!!!! Fan server competition" Video contest Aremok, campbells_mc, dannychopsnz, Pungence, skyzm
15 Nov 2011 Guude: "Guude's Fan Server Contest" Shirt design contest Alphonia, armagedon41, badreams, data6000, Versh
26 Nov 2011 W92Baj: "S01E60 - Competition tiiiime! - Lets play Minecraft - Mindcrack server" Video contest breeplaysgames, Tidzwiggle
2 Dec 2011 jsano19: "Fan Server contest" Skin design contest devonsama, HiBoy, ZaneyGamer
19 Apr 2012 MonkeyDK Video contest Riader, thegardnerd, TheJordanBrooks, zaetras
30 May 2012 breeplaysgames: "Bree IRL EP05 CONTEST TIME!!!" Video contest Iggy95
5 Jun 2012 devonsama: "Let's Play Minecraft - Mindcrack Fan Server S02E010: Contest Time!" Build contest PotatoBoy99
14 Jun 2012 Alphonia: "Mindcrack Fan Server Contest" Video contest Mr_NewGuy
23 Jun 2012 Jfrancisanimator: "Adventures on the Mindcrack Fan Server #4 - Wine and Revenge" Video contest FreeWithoutWalls
28 Jun 2012 Aremok: "Aremok Plays Mindcrack E7: Contest Time" Build contest ElecsQuest
13 Jul 2012 thegardnerd: "Entscrack S01E07 MINDCRACK FAN SERVER CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!" Redstone invention contest Bruschetta12
5 Sep 2012 dannychopsnz: "Mindcrack fan server - Danny's slot contest" Build contest Chef712
20 Sep 2012 rayman86: "[MCFS] Competition time! Win a slot on the Fan Server!" Hidden base build contest EddCase
27 Oct 2012 TibTuner04: "MindCrack Fan Server - Contest Announcement!!!" Prison build contest zashen


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