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Orange Wool

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  • "Orange Wool on SpeedRunners"


Orange Wool is a duo comprised of mcgamer and Millbee. The name of the team comes from MC's orange jacket and Millbee's wool.

Season 1[edit]

Season 1 of Orange Wool took place on the post Beta 1.8 map.



mcgamer's playlist Millbee's playlist
mcgamer Millbee
Video Notable events Featuring
24 Sep 2012
  • Heading north to find new land to settle on
  • Stumbling upon many player structures and holes
  • Finding and settles in a village
26 Sep 2012
  • Completing some miscellaneous tasks throughout the village such as naming all the streets
  • Beginning to construct a mine underneath the well
  • Finding a gigantic cave system underneath the village
28 Sep 2012
  • Naming the village "Woolopolis [No Shoes]"
  • Going caving underneath Woolopolis
  • Beginning work on a Nether Portal
  • Burning in lava and lossing equipment
  • Constructing a wall around Woolopolis to protect the surviving villagers
  • Finishing the Nether Portal and gets linked to just_defy's Nether track
1 Oct 2012
  • Tearing down the wheat farms in Woolopolis
  • Starting to replace all the sand in Woolopolis for dirt
  • Constructing a safe-drop to their Nether Portal
3 Oct 2012
  • Going caving in the cave around their Nether Portal
  • Attempting to create a Cobblestone Generator.
  • Getting Avidya to do it for them.
5 Oct 2012
  • Expanding the wall around Woolopolis
  • Clearing out a small hill to make room for more structures
  • Randy Newman
  • Creating a trough for the villagers
8 Oct 2012
  • Constructing "The Get Wood Motel"
  • Letting the villagers out of the trough to repopulate
10 Oct 2012
  • Revealing that the "Phony Man" has turned into a zombie and talking about the possibility of resurrecting him.
  • Gathering cobblestone at their generator
  • Starting to build a tree farm with the aforementioned cobblestone
12 Oct 2012
  • Digging up some sand and replacing it with dirt.
  • Discovering the "Phony Man" dead and tearing down the "Phony Box"
  • Alan Rickman.
  • Building a melon farm (MC)
  • Building the roof of the tree farm (Millbee)
  • Going caving in search of iron
15 Oct 2012
  • Dyeing the sheep in Woolopolis orange
  • Continuing work on the melon farm
  • Renaming the Arena to "Woolopopolis Arena [No Winning]"
  • Making an angry face on the melon farm and naming it "EVIL MELON GUNDAM ROBOT. [No Defects]"
17 Oct 2012
  • Taking a tour of Woolopolis after the big livestream a few days before, showing off new and improved Get Wood Motel, The Woolopolis National Park, and the Item House
  • Starting to pave the roads
  • Going caving and finding lapis
  • Leading some sheep back to Woolopolis
22 Oct 2012
  • Going caving and mining underneath Woolopolis
  • Respawning at the mountainside base (MC)
  • Reuniting with Millbee and leaving Woolopolis in hopes of finding unexplored caves
  • Befriending four wolves along the way
  • Finding a decent cave and starts exploring, killing one of the wolves in the process
  • Noticing they have no food left, they head back to Woolopolis
24 Oct 2012
  • Working on the Item House
  • Replacing most of the stone and sand in Woolopolis with dirt
  • Naming their house "Ravioliogonni Villat"
  • Starting to expand the newly named Ravioliogonni Villat
26 Oct 2012
  • Rebuilding the Ravioliogonni Villat, slightly changing it's name to "Ravoliogonni Villat [est. 200X]"
  • Organizing all their stuff at the Item House
29 Oct 2012
  • Slightly changing the name of the Ravoliogonni Villat [est. 200X], yet again, to "Ravioliogonni Villat [Est. 2000X]"
  • Starting to work on the walls of the Ravioliogonni Villat
  • Showing off the new and improved Cobblestone Generator, rebuilt by Avidya
  • Emptying out the basement level of the Ravioliogonni Villat
13 Nov 2012
  • Getting interrogated by BdoubleO about the recent prank that was pulled on him
  • Emptying out the basement floor of the Ravioliogonni Villat
  • Making some TNT and blowing up a part of the hills beside the Item House
  • Getting rid of the rest of the hill manually
18 Nov 2012
  • Building a gate at the entrance of Woolopolis
  • Replacing more stone with dirt
  • Building a fountain near the gate and finishing the main road
20 Nov 2012
  • Completely removing the hill near the Item House
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Working on the basement level of the Ravioliogonni Villat
5 Dec 2012
  • Working on the wall around Woolopolis
  • Expanding the landscape
12 Dec 2012
  • Making a path from Woolopolis to Cosbobolis
  • Finding themeselves at "Woolopolis III," a newly discovered village and protects the villagers from a zombie attack
  • Respawning at Millbee's base, they stop the recording and return to Woolopolis
  • Working on the wall
  • Announcing the second Orange Wool livestream scheduled for Saturday, December 15th
10 Jan 2013
  • Showing off "The Slums," a new, poorer part of Woolopolis
  • Building a random house in between the Item House and Woolopopolis Arena
  • Expanding the main road
13 Feb 2013
  • Going caving in search of materials
  • Befriending three wolves on the way home who promptly begin attacking MC after the latter gave him a whack.
  • Talking about Pokèmon and Twitch Turbo.
  • Last episode of Season 1

Woolopolis, No Shoes[edit]

Woolopolis, No Shoes, was the first village founded by mcgamer and Millbee for the first season of Orange Wool. The village was located north of spawn, between Avidya's base and just_defy's island. The village had been explored before and was chosen by MC and Millbee to settle in.

A portal was built at lava level since they did not bring diamond tools. The portal ended up connecting just_defy's tunnel.[1]

Almost all of the original village buildings were raised so that MC and Millbee can upgrade the village.[2] Before the buildings were razed, the villagers were rounded up into a temporary structure called "the trough," or "The Hole, No Visitors."[3] A wall was built around the village to keep animals and villagers from escaping and to keep hostile mobs from entering. MC and Millbee attempted to build a Cobblestone generator but gave up and invited Avidya to the village to build it instead.[4]

The first structure MC and Millbee built was "The Get Wood Motel," which was planned to be the breeding center for the villagers.[5] The "Woolopopolis Arena, No Winning" is a 2x2 hole in the ground nearby that was dug out initially so that Millbee can fight MC.[6] The arena has been used occasionally by Millbee to fight against villagers.[7] A tree farm was built that includes all four types of trees. A Melon farm was built by MC. Millbee imagined an evil robot face on the structure, so MC added some blocks on the structure to make it resemble a face and called it the "Evil Melon Gundam Robot, No Defects."[8]

Map of Woolopolis, 23 September 2012

Season 2[edit]

Season 2 of Orange Wool took place on the post 1.6 map.



SuperMCGamer.png Millbee.png
mcgamer: Orange Wool Millbee: Orange Wool
mcgamer: MC's Orange Millbee: Millbee's Wool
Video Notable events Featuring
3 Jul 2013
  • First episode of Season 2
  • Establishing a new village submerged in water
  • Going over the new rules of the map and their new schedule
  • Geting visited by BlameTheController and GenerikB
  • Hijacking Danger Zone, GenerikB's donkey
  • Beginning to gather resources
  • Talking about Animal Crossing: New Leaf
BdoubleO100, BlameTC, generikb
4 Jul 2013 "Minecraft ::Millbee's Wool On Mindcrack - Episode #1 'Noob Caving'"
  • First solo episode of the series
  • Going caving under the village
  • Stumbling upon a stronghold and an abandoned mineshaft
  • Talking about how much the new UHC mode annoys him
7 Jul 2013 "Minecraft ::Millbee's Wool On Mindcrack - Episode #2 'Amazing Wall Montage'"
  • Observing the effects of cocaine on the villagers
  • Building a cobblestone wall around the village
  • Singing his way through a montage
10 Jul 2013 "Minecraft ::Millbee's Wool On Mindcrack - Episode #3 'Deuceopolis'"
  • Officially, temporarily naming the village "Dueceopolis"
  • Starting to work on a boardwalk system to travel from house to house
  • Lowering the water level in Dueceopolis during another montage
18 Jul 2013
  • Going caving underneath the village
  • Talking about The Simpsons, MindCrack Ultra Hardcore Season 12, and subscribing on Twitch
  • Unofficially-Officially naming the village "Dooceiopolis [2poo]"
19 Jul 2013 "Minecraft ::Millbee's Wool On Mindcrack - Episode #4 'Finishing The Ground Works'"
  • Lowering the water level in Dooceiopolis
  • Working on designs for the boardwalk
21 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack - 1 - Wibbly Wobbly (MC's Orange)"
  • First solo episode for MC
  • Explaining his leg injury that prevented any video from being uploaded
  • Rebuilding the well in a slightly different area
  • Starting an underground room under the well
28 Jul 2013
  • Discovering GenerikB's prank
  • Lowering the ground level
  • Talking about the Zelda Symphony and plans for Dooceiopolis.
31 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack - 2 - AutoFarm (MC's Orange)"
  • Trying out different lighting techniques for the wibbly wobbly hallway
  • Talking about the recent Subreddit drama
3 Aug 2013 "Minecraft ::Millbee's Wool On Mindcrack - Episode #5 'Audio books & Insomnia Festival'"
  • Reading "50 Chades of Anders", an erotic novel by AnderZEL commissioned by Pyro_0
  • Working on Dooceiopolis
  • Discussing plans to attend the Insomnia Festival Minecraft Expo in Telford with other MineCrafters, including Sky from Skydoesminecraft; talking about having no plans to go to MineCon 2013 in Florida
  • Talking about T-shirt ideas if he were to open a merchandise shop
21 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack - 3 - The Big Recap (MC's Orange)"
  • Going over recent changes and the plans for Dueceopolis
  • Talking about happenings in his life as of late
22 Oct 2013
  • Recorded live during the MindCrack Marathon
  • Working on the floor of the main hallway
  • Playing Truth or Dare with Millbee's head
  • Retriveing MC's horse
AvidyaZEN, BdoubleO100, Etho, Guude
3 Apr 2014
  • Millbee's return to the MindCrack server
  • Tours the server
17 Apr 2014
  • Planning and building of the interior of the town hall
  • Permission planning
  • Freeing the Iron Golems to the Villagers
6 May 2014
  • Orange Wool go caving
17 May 2014
  • Orange Wool builds houses for the villagers
24 May 2014
  • Orange Wool tries setting up a plot at the spawn village
  • They then write stories for each other and read them.
14 Jun 2014
  • Orange Wool continues construction of the town hall
  • Orange Wool go to the nether for Nether Quartz
21 Jun 2014
  • Millbee collects all of the Nether Quartz
  • Continue decorating the town hall, including the creation of a room called "Orange Wool Insider", which would be the similar name for their next settlement of Orange Wool
  • Last episode of Season 2

Deuceopolis, 2poo[edit]

Flag of Orange Wool. The Flag was never introduced properly, but it first appeared in E5 S2.

Deuceopolis, 2poo, also spelled as Dooceiopolis, was the second village built mcgamer and Millbee in their series, Orange Wool as well as their solo series, MC's Orange and Millbee's Wool.

MC was currently working on an "underground metropolis" while Millbee is tearing down all structures apart from the well. They also happen to have a stronghold under Deuceopolis.

Deuceopolis, 2poo was originally a slightly flooded town, with paths to certain parts of the town not water-logged. However, Millbee has flooded the town as well as making the water 2 blocks deep, so it can be "The Venice of the MindCrack Server." To this, MC replies "We're not making another Italian name, are we?" Millbee has also built a way around the town, in case of yet another zombie invasion.

The 3rd episode of Orange Wool started with Generikb rebranding the town 'Hermitopolis' by making a sign floating above the town and having the face of a hermit, making himself the mayor, forcing MC and Millbee to stop the Zombies getting in and making them pay rent.

In the 5th episode, more work continued. The town hall's construction began. In episode 9, they build an unfinished "office" called Orange Wool Insider.

Season 3[edit]



SuperMCGamer.png Millbee.png
mcgamer: Orange Wool Millbee: Orange Wool
mcgamer: MC's Orange Millbee: Millbee's Wool
Video Notable events Featuring
20 Jul 2014
  • First episode of Season 3
  • Being afraid of rabbits
  • Battling mobs
  • Talking about their plans for the new server
  • Scaring fish
  • Exploring the builds around the server
  • Starting to build a house at spawn
  • Messing with Etho
Arkas, BlameTC, Docm77, Etho, Nebris, Pyro_0, SethBling, sevadus
26 Jul 2014
  • Raiding AnderZEL's livestream
  • Visiting BTC
  • Mining
  • Talking about achievements in games
  • Creating a wall of furnaces
  • Melon
  • Melon
  • Melon
  • Melon
  • Tater?
  • Melon
AnderZEL, BlameTC
3 Aug 2014
  • Collecting materials for the Orange Wool Insider
  • Melon
  • Melon Gibson
  • Ellen the Melon
  • Collecting sheep for the underground sheep farm
  • Beginning work on the outside of the Orange Wool Insider
9 Aug 2014
  • Looking for acacia wood
  • Singing the praises of Lord Melon for BdoubleO and GenerikB
16 Aug 2014
  • Introducing the banner of Orange Wool
  • Stealing cackatus from paulsoaresjr
  • Making the cackatus farm
23 Aug 2014
  • Decorating more of the Orange Wool Insider
  • S L I M E B A L L S E A R C H
  • Zisteau is the Slime King
  • "Decorating" their apartment in Bling Towers.
30 Aug 2014
  • Lord Melon had been replaced by a phony melon
  • Orange Wool seek revenge on Pyro
  • Intense battle with AnderZEL
Pyro_0, AnderZEL
6 Sep 2014
  • Tower of Doors
  • Expanding the Sheep Farm
20 Sep 2014
  • Going fishing
  • Trying to find the next Woolopolis, but failing to do so
  • Doing some caving instead
27 Sep 2014
  • Trying to find all of the colours of the rainbow for the Sheep Farm
4 Oct 2014
  • Telling Anderz and Zisteau about melon
  • Visiting Bdouble0's hut in the woods
  • Accidentally making a creeper blow up the hut
  • Fixing the hut
AnderZEL, Zisteau
18 Oct 2014
  • Seeking out the perfect spot for the Church of the Melon
25 Oct 2014
  • Being shocked over that adlington has "ruined" the Orange Wool Insider with his rail track
  • Burning the Orange Wool Insider "in the name of the Melon"
1 Nov 2014
  • Building a kiosk for people to buy "ectoplasmic goo" which in reality is wool
8 Nov 2014
  • Inviting Chad, a professional lawyer of South Mindcrackia, to investigate in the current mess
15 Nov 2014
  • Inviting more lawyers to the Great Cave of the Church of the Melon, for a "lawyer-off"
adlingtont, AvidyaZEN, Coestar
22 Nov 2014
  • Clearing off the buildings for the lawyer-off to make room for the shrine of the Melon
  • Stealing the precious Melon seeds from Zisteau
  • Starting the precious Melon farm around the Church of the Melon
  • Starting the prettying of the walls
  • "Xander Mobus"
  • Da-na-na-na-na-na-na
29 Nov 2014
6 Dec 2014
  • Being terrible at collecting cows
13 Dec 2014
  • Finishing the prettying of the wall
  • Continuing work on the Melon farm
20 Dec 2014
  • Orange Wool are in a trial
adlingtont, Aureylian, Coestar, OMGchad, Pakratt0013

Orange Wool Insider, Where the Drinks are Free[edit]

Banner of Orange Wool, made by snow_clones.
Escutcheon: Orange, a base indented azure, a chief indented azure, a melon Vert.
Introduced in E5 S3

Orange Wool Insider was the 4th settlement built by MCGamer and Millbee. It was built at the spawn village. It stayed at the spawn village until episode 13, when MCGamer burned the building in protest of interferences with adlington's train track.

In episode 12, they headed out south to the desert to make the "Church of the Melon".


Orange Wool have used fan artworks for their intro scenes since episode 10.

Episode Artist Link
10 Oscarvarium
11 Radioactive_K
12 unknown unknown
13 Radioactive_K
14 Keelan
15 Isi_X
17 neohylanmay
18 Zach Stagg
19 GunZEROm


Game Playlist or first episode Start date Brief description
SpeedRunners 28 June 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, kurtmac and Coestar
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 24 Sep 2012


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