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Just defy
The Minecraft avatar of Just defy
Personal name Jeremy
Born 1994 (age 29/30)[1][2][3]
Country Canada
Nationality Canadian
Gender M
Other names
  • JustD3fy
  • JD

just_defy, also known as JustD3fy, or his personal name Jeremy, is a Canadian former Let's Play commentator and a former member of Mindcrack. He participated in the second contest, where he placed fourth, but joined the Mindcrack Server in September 2011 after placing first in the third contest.

Let's Play[edit]


JD had a house at spawn village and has rebuilt it at least twice. Before his departure from the server, he had leveled down his house and planned to rebuild it.[4] The plot was reassigned to AvidyaZEN.[5] JD had a plot in the Cracker Town neighborhood of Blockhaven, the spawn town of the MindCrack Fan Server before the 1.5 map reset.

JD was removed from the whitelist due to his inactivity on the server after taking a break from Minecraft.[6][7] He later argued that his removal from the whitelist was a result of a miscommunication between him and Guude.[8] JD has revealed that he, like ShreeyamGFX, never felt a part of the group.[9] Even after his removal, JD remained whitelisted on the MindCrack Fan Server.[10]

Some time after his removal from the server, JD privatized all of his YouTube videos,[11] but made them public due to popular demands from fans.[12] In November 2014, JustD3fy closed his YouTube channel and his Reddit account.[13]

Minecraft skin[edit]

just_defy's Minecraft skin

Previous skin[edit]

JD's previous skin was based on Finn the Human from the animated series Adventure Time.


  • JustD3fy's YouTube channel peaked at 6.71K subscribers on 12 September 2012.[14]

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