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TerrafirmaCrack is a competition based around the TerraFirmaCraft mod. Teams get two, real-life weeks to prepare before a final showdown.

Season 1[edit]

Season 1 featured two seven-player teams.


Team Leader Members
Team Pants Rayman86.png rayman86 Noflair.png AiedailSian BigGunn.png BigGunn Miheyu.png Miheyu Noflair.png noahlane15 ShreeyamGFX.png ShreeyamGFX Uisdead99.png uisdead99
Team Shiny Things Pakratt0013 avatar old.png Pakratt0013 Bufferzz.png Bufferzz Noflair.png Demonslayer98 DireDwarf.png DireDwarf Noflair.png HonneyPlay Oddmast.png oddmast TibTuner04.png TibTuner04

Season 2[edit]

Season 2 features four six-player teams featuring a number of members from the now-defunct MindCrack Fan Server. Teams have two weeks to prepare and build fortresses around spawn before a final showdown. During the final battle the leader of each team will stay in the fortress while their teammates can attack the other bases. Rei's Mini Map is also used.


  1. In the first 24 hours there PVP and stealing is banned.
  2. The last 24 hours before the final battle PVP is banned (to allow for fortress building).
  3. Beds are off limits during base raids.
  4. Alliances are allowed.


Team Leader Members
Olivine Slayers Rayman86.png rayman86 Darkphan avatar old.png darkphan DireDwarf.png DireDwarf Noflair.png nihontiger Noflair.png Ocellatusa Noflair.png Vampess
Sluices TibTuner04.png TibTuner04 Noflair.png Crysyn Noflair.png Kreicus Noflair.png MoneyKidKing Noflair.png yami_jerry Noflair.png XekeDeath
Sparkles HonneyPlay avatar old.png HonneyPlay Noflair.png aaronred345 Noflair.png Demonslayer98 linkMiheyu Miheyu Noflair.png nikstick22 Oddmast.png oddmast
The Shiningest Pakratt0013 avatar old.png Pakratt0013 Noflair.png CecilKilmer Noflair.png Evecommander Noflair.png GuitarFlat Noflair.png NikoYote uisdead99uisdead99


Pakratt's introduction to Season 2 and explanation of the basic mod mechanics: "TerrafirmaCrack Season II Introduction"

Week one

Week two

Final battle

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Season 3[edit]

Season 3 was announced with a trailer posted to multiple players YouTube channels. This season features four seven-player teams and includes three Mindcrack members, a number of members from the now-defunct MindCrack Fan Server and one of the developers of the TerraFirmaCraft mod, dunkleosteus (nikstick22). The hosting was provided by Beastnode.

Team Leader Members
Brotherhood of Bear Punchers Etho.png Etho Noflair.png aaronred345 Noflair.png AltBlu Noflair.png Demonslayer98 Noflair.png MoneyKidKing Noflair.png nihontiger Noflair.png nikstick22
Shiney Underdogs Noflair.png HonneyPlay Bufferzz.png Bufferzz Darkphan.png darkphan Noflair.png Drakkett Noflair.png Fallaron Noflair.png i_am_zerg Noflair.png sofilthy
So No Sluices Pakratt0013 avatar 1.8.png Pakratt0013 DireDwarf.png DireDwarf Noflair.png GuitarFlat Noflair.png Kreicus Noflair.png Ocellatusa Uisdead99.png uisdead99 Noflair.png Vampess
Uncraftables Rayman86.png rayman86 Arkas.png Arkas Noflair.png Crysyn Noflair.png Kittychanley Miheyu.png Miheyu TibTuner04.png TibTuner04 Noflair.png yami_jerry

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