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The Minecraft avatar of HonneyPlay

Honney in June 2017
Born (1972-11-11) 11 November 1972 (age 47)[1]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender F
Other names
  • Honney
  • Hon

HonneyPlay, also known as Honney, or simply Hon, is an American Let's Play commentator that was a participant in Surviving Mindcrack Island and is a guest on Mindcrack since July 2018.


Honney currently lives in upstate New York with Pakratt0013. Streaming on Twitch became her full time job in 2013. In August 2016 she announced she would be moving from Kansas to New York.[2] Pakratt0013 moved in with her in May 2018.

Honney went to MineCon 2013 after OldManWillakers bought her a ticket.[3]


Honney accepts fanmail through her PO box.

2117 Buffalo Road #215
Rochester, NY 14624

Let's Play[edit]


Honney started streaming on Twitch on 27 February 2012.[4] She gained some of her early following on Twitch through commentating the Reddit Race for Wool tournaments. She streamed coverage of the White Cannon Tournament on her channel starting on 23 February 2013.[5] Streaming became Honney's full time job in May 2013.[6] She became a Twitch affiliate on 28 April 2017.[7]


A close friend of Pakratt0013, Honney was nominated to participate in Surviving Mindcrack Island by Pakratt. She placed 3rd in the event, being eliminated in the final episode which aired on 13 May 2016.[8] Shortly after Guude started allowing members to invite guests on the server in June 2018, Pakratt invited Honney on to the server as a guest, and she joined the server for the first time on 5 July 2018.[9]

Personal Life[edit]

Honney had five children, but her oldest child and only son passed away on 2 May 2013 at the age of 22.[10] His name was Joshua and his nickname was Soulit. Honney became a grandmother on 22 January 2018 when her daughter Dawnlit gave birth to Moonlit.[11]

Her four daughters:

Name Born About
Nibblit 1992[12]
  • Nibblit lives in Kansas.
Midlit 1993[13]
  • Midlit has the very rare condition 5p- Syndrome.[14]
  • Midlit live in New York with Honney.
Dawnlit 1996[15]
  • Dawnlit was engaged to Twighlit in October 2014.[16]
  • Dawnlit married Twighlit on 19 September 2015.[16]
  • Dawnlit gave birth to her daughter Moonlit on 22 January 2018.[11]
  • Dawnlit, Twighlit, and Moonlit live in New York with Honney.
Skylit 1998[17]
  • Skylit lives in New York with Honney.

Honney met Pakratt0013 online in 2011. In 2013 Pakratt started spending every Christmas with Hon's family. After Honney moved to New York in 2016, Pakratt would frequently visit her family. They were engaged on 22 March 2018[18], and they were married on 13 May 2018.[19]


  • Honney has an Ichthys tattoo on her left hand that matches Pakratt's Ichthys tattoo.[20]
  • Since Pakratt moved into Honney's house, they have used the same room to record and stream.

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