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The Minecraft avatar of DireDwarf
Personal name John
Born (1985-02-28) 28 February 1985 (age 39)[1]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Dire

DireDwarf, also known by his personal name John,[2] is an American Let's Play commentator, a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server, and an unofficial member of Mindcrack. Dire joined the Fan Server in March 2012 when ecarter32 gave up his slot temporarily.[3] He joined Mindcrack in May 2016 after winning Surviving Mindcrack Island. Dire previously used the Minecraft account Jfrancisanimator.[4]


Dire grew up in Russellville, Arkansas[5] and had lived there for some time,[6] before moving to Nome, Alaska to take up a job at a Catholic radio station, despite not being Catholic.[5] He moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in late 2012, and took frontend job at a bakery,[7] where he had worked for a few months before beginning to livestream regularly on Twitch in an attempt to make it his full time job.[5] He moved back to Arkansas in December 2015.[8] Dire attended Full Sail University in Florida, studying computer animation.[5]

Let's Play[edit]

Dire found YouTube Let's Plays through Zisteau and decided to create his own videos.[5] He gained much of his early online following through commentating the Reddit Race for Wool tournaments.[4] His YouTube channel is partnered with SocialBlade.[7]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, Dire had a plot in the Shirtsville neighborhood of Blockhaven. His plot was accidentally shortened by one block when the plot was laid out by RainbowCrisp. He was in the process of rebuilding it. Dire had a property above the entrance to the community End portal. Dire held a video contest[9] and awarded FreeWithoutWalls a slot in the Fan Server.

Video Notable events Featuring
22 Mar 2012 "'Whats up with Dire' is a dumb name for a video"
  • Minecraft updates unrelated to the Fan Server
  • Showing his plot and remnants of a prank
  • A walk around town
27 Mar 2012 "Adventures on the Mindcrack Fan Server #1 - Wandering About"
  • A tour of south side of town with RC
5 Jun 2012 "Adventures on the Mindcrack Fan Server #2 - Deconstruction"
  • Showing his plot
  • Tearing down his wall as he updates on Minecraft and life
7 Jun 2012 "Adventures on the Mindcrack Fan Server #3 - Walltastic"
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Constructing his wall
21 Jun 2012 "Adventures on the Mindcrack Fan Server #4 - PRANK - "It's full of bad!""
  • Cleaning up a prank from Oddmast
  • Plans to give out a slot, a structure at build limit, and clearing out the lower level
  • Showing updates on his plot
23 Jun 2012 "Adventures on the Mindcrack Fan Server #4 - Wine and Revenge"
  • Pranking Oddmast back by filling his home with Glass Panes
  • Accepting videos for a contest to give out a slot in the Fan Server
26 Jun 2012 "Adventures on the Mindcrack Fan Server #5 - Damnit!"
  • Talk about Fan Server contest
  • At the Creepin' Cake Cafe, showing a secret entrance
  • Showing the bootlegging underground tunnel network
  • Getting some Snow blocks from Zueljin to build at height limit
  • Accidentally blowing up Aremok's fire station and attempt at fixing it
28 Aug 2012 "Dire Does: Mindcrack Fan Server!" (unavailable)
  • Livestream
  • A walk around town and visiting various plots
  • Travels to his remote base/stronghold and makes an Ender Chest
  • Travels to the End farm to enchant armor
Alurl, Bruschetta12, FreeWithoutWalls, oddmast
23 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server - Lets check out the old digs shall we?" (unavailable)
  • Livestream
  • Explores town
  • Enchanting at the End farm
  • Tears down his house on his plot
  • Trades picks with Alphonia for Silk Touch
Alphonia, oddmast
27 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server Halloween Party! Broadcast in 720p" (unavailable)
  • Livestream
  • Halloween party
See Halloween


A close friend of both Mhykol and mcgamer, Dire was nominated to participate in Surviving Mindcrack Island by Mhykol. Dire joined the event (which was recorded in September 2013) as a replacement for HughMurrell/YoshiToMario, finishing in the final two alongside his ally darkphan. Dire was announced as winner of the series during the livestream finale on 13 May 2016, having defeated dark in a 4-2 Tribunal Vote. Dire joined Mindcrack as a VIP guest, and has been given the option to join as an official member if he so pleases. Between the recording of Surviving Mindcrack Island and its release, Dire participated as a guest in the 2014 Mindcrack Marathon UHC #ForTheKids in September 2014.

Dire joined the Mindcrack Server for the first time on 19 May 2016.[10]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Dire's skin is based on Mr. Freeze, the supervillain and enemy of DC Comics character Batman.

DireDwarf's Minecraft skin

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