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Guude's secret project was the name of a long-term unidentified project that was predominantly managed by Guude. The project has since been revealed to be Surviving Mindcrack Island.

Prior to the series announcement, Guude revealed that the project had taken years to make, and had been revised multiple times.[1] At some point, the project was associated with Nebris, but Guude clarified that Nebris has had very little to do with the project and was only used as a point of reference to when the project was started.[2] Guude says the project required over 200 hours of recorded footage.[3]

During a drunk livestream in June 2014, OldManWillakers acknowledged that the secret project was the reason he was yet to join the Mindcrack Server, though many viewers regarded this as a joke.[citation needed] In July 2014, Guude revealed he had been working with BroadbandTV and their team of editors to make further progress on the project.[4] Guude announced in October 2014 that he would be uploading the completed project to the Mindcrack Network YouTube channel instead of his own.[5]

Based on comments by Guude on Reddit[6] and BlameTC at PAX East 2014,[7] it was speculated that the reason for BTC joining Mindcrack is related to the project.[8] At GameVid Expo 2014, BTC remarked that the reveal of the project will 'blow your mind'.[9]

When asked in March 2015 if he had ever been invited to join Mindcrack, OldManWillakers stated that the secret project prevented him from joining because "the winner of this contest gets to be on Mindcrack".[10] Zisteau responded "[Rob] also fails to mention that he got booted from the secret project almost immediately. I'm not even sure if he'd have a full episode from it..."[11] to which Rob apologized for leaking information, reasoning that he wanted to be upfront with viewers about why he didn't join Mindcrack. He provided a screenshot of an unreleased YouTube video uploaded on 1 October 2013, clearly pertaining to the secret project, to prove that he has a video ready and to show that he has respected the planning of a project he is no longer involved in. iSuchtel can be identified in one of the available thumbnails.[12]

On 15 September 2015, Guude announced that long-standing legal issues had been settled,[13] posting an estimated released date of the project in January 2016.[14] iSuchtel commented on the relevant /r/mindcrack thread "Oh my god, i can't wait! Really wanna see what took 4 years :P".[15] On 14 January, Guude said that the release date had been pushed back to February.[16] On 27 January, Guude announced that the release date had once again been pushed back, this time to March 2016.[17]

On 1 March, Guude announced the official release date of the project as 11 March 2016.[18] The same day, various images were posted to Twitter to hype the event. Amlup, brianmcn, darkphan, DeciTM, DireDwarf, HonneyPlay, iSuchtel, JustVan, rsmalec, three_two, and zueljin can be identified in said images.

Official series logo

In addition, iSuchtel[19][20] and rsmalec[21] uploaded unofficial trailers to their YouTube channels. An official trailer was released on the Mindcrack Network YouTube channel on 4 March, revealing the project to be Surviving Mindcrack Island.[22] Zisteau[23] and Vechs[24] reuploaded said trailer to their own YouTube channels, while iSuchtel released another trailer.[25] The trailer revealed the official series logo, and also confirmed OldManWillakers' participation. Subsequent images posted to Twitter have included the logo.


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