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Official series logo by Breanne Jansen[1]

Surviving Mindcrack Island is a Minecraft reality series that premiered on 11 March 2016. Based on the reality television show Survivor, twelve friends of the Mindcrack community battled to become its newest member. Despite being recorded in September 2013, the release of the series was delayed due to a number of legal issues.

The twelve contestants were randomly split into two teams of six - red and blue. The two teams competed in regular sanctuary challenges for protection from Grand Council, where the losing team had to vote off one of its members. Among these challenges, bounty challenges offered advantages in the upcoming sanctuary challenge or provided further resources for use back at camp. Contestants competed as individuals in sanctuary challenges after the two teams merged into one. Those voted off in later parts of the game formed a tribunal, which voted one of the two remaining contestants as the winner of series and the next member of Mindcrack.

During the release of the series, the possibility of a second season was hinted at by the Mindcrackers.[2] However, Guude said in June 2016 that a second season was unlikely due to the project costs; $35,000 was reportedly spent to create the series.[3]


Conceived by Guude, a big fan of Survivor, the project was initially developed together with Nebris. At PlayOnCon in July 2012, Guude enlisted the help of BlameTC (creator of the Minecraft adventure map Kingdom of the Sky, which Guude and VintageBeef had played together) to design the world and challenges used in the series. Initially BTC was also to participate as a contestant, but it was deemed he would have an unfair advantage; he later joined the Mindcrack Server by invitation. The series was recorded in one 22-hour sitting on 29-30 September 2013.[4] Members of Mindcrack served as cameramen during the recording; BdoubleO100 and SethBling were present for the entire session.[5][6] The event was recorded in Minecraft version 1.5, and made use of a proximity-based Mumble plugin to emulate the crucial social aspect of Survivor.[7] Prior to the release of the official series trailer on 4 March 2016, the video series was referred to as Guude's secret project.[8] The phrases "tribe" and "tribal council" were changed in post-production to "team" and "grand council", respectively.[9]


Each Mindcracker was given the opportunity to nominate someone to the series who they thought would be a suitable fit as the next member of Mindcrack. According to Guude, all of the nominees were required to have fewer than 5,000 YouTube subscribers at the time,[4] though JustVan remembers that number as 10,000.[10] Due to the rapid growth of his channel in 2013, OldManWillakers had reached upwards of 50,000 subscribers by the time of recording.[11] The contestants were finalized by Guude and BlameTC at PlayOnCon 2013.[12] Guude says he had attempted to prevent any pregame interaction between contestants (as it is on Survivor), though this was not entirely effective as many contestants had prior friendships with one another.[13] DireDwarf participated as a replacement for HughMurrell/YoshiToMario (who had been invited by mcgamer[14]), as he was attending a convention at the time of recording.[15]

Contestant (Invited by)
Amlup.png Amlup (Zisteau[16]) Lorgon111.png brianmcn (kurtmac[12])
Darkphan avatar old.png darkphan (generikb[5]) DeciTM.png DeciTM (BdoubleO100[4])
DireDwarf.png DireDwarf (Mhykol[4]) ISuchtel.png iSuchtel (jsano19[17])
HonneyPlay avatar old.png HonneyPlay (Pakratt0013[18]) JustVan.png JustVan (VintageBeef[4])
OldManWillakers.png OldManWillakers (PauseUnpause[4]) Rsmalec.png rsmalec (BlameTC[7])
Zueljin avatar old.png zueljin (Guude[6]) Three two avatar old.png three_two (Etho[19])


Episodes were released each Friday at 4pm ET on the Mindcrack Network YouTube channel. The series consisted of 10 episodes, which was concluded by a livestream event where the winner was revealed to the contestants for the very first time.[20] Guude had originally said there was a total of 11 episodes.[21]

Episode Date Challenges Eliminated Reddit
Bounty Sanctuary
1 "Introductions" 11 March 2016 OldManWillakers None OldManWillakers
2 "Communication Skills" 18 March 2016 Red Amlup
3 "Team Work" 25 March 2016 Red Red zueljin
4 "Memory" 1 April 2016 Blue Blue iSuchtel
5 "Together" 8 April 2016 three_two brianmcn JustVan
6 "Explosive" 15 April 2016 brianmcn darkphan brianmcn
7 "A Race" 22 April 2016 None DeciTM three_two
8 "Frozen" 29 April 2016 DireDwarf DireDwarf DeciTM
9 "Speed and Aim" 6 May 2016 rsmalec darkphan rsmalec
10 "The Finale" 13 May 2016 None DireDwarf HonneyPlay
Live Finale Tribunal Vote Revealed

Recap series[edit]

In what was intended to be a weekly series, Guude and JSano19 would discuss each episode of the show, highlighting key interactions and events. Due to scheduling conflicts, episode 1 and 2 were recapped together in one video, as was episode 3 and 4. Guude subsequently declared that the series would continue bi-weekly,[22] but no recaps were released in the following weeks, and Guude declared the series inactive.[23]

Voting History[edit]

Surviving Mindcrack Island Voting History
Episode 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Voted out
Zueljin avatar old.png
Tie Deadlock
Three two avatar old.png
HonneyPlay avatar old.png
Darkphan avatar old.png
Vote 2-1-1-1-1 3-2 3-1 3-1-1[a] 4-3-1 3-2-1-0[b] 3-3[c] 2-2[d] Tiebreaker[e] 3-2 3-1 1-0[f] 4-2
DireDwarf Amlup Amlup zueljin JustVan brianmcn three_two [c] DeciTM rsmalec HonneyPlay Tribunal Vote
darkphan DireDwarf Amlup zueljin JustVan brianmcn three_two three_two DeciTM rsmalec [f]
HonneyPlay zueljin Amlup zueljin JustVan brianmcn three_two three_two DeciTM rsmalec [f] DireDwarf
rsmalec JustVan JustVan DireDwarf DireDwarf DireDwarf darkphan HonneyPlay
DeciTM Unknown[a] three_two darkphan[b] DireDwarf DireDwarf darkphan
three_two Unknown[a] DireDwarf DeciTM DireDwarf [c]
brianmcn iSuchtel DireDwarf DeciTM
JustVan iSuchtel DireDwarf
iSuchtel Unknown[a]
zueljin OldManWillakers HonneyPlay DireDwarf
Amlup OldManWillakers HonneyPlay
OldManWillakers HonneyPlay
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