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Live UHC refers to games of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore that are broadcast live to Twitch, as opposed to episodes being uploaded to YouTube every second day. To date, each live UHC has allowed viewers to influence gameplay via donations to Extra Life charity, and are therefore not considered official seasons of UHC. A live UHC was first planned to be held at MineCon 2013 in Orlando, Florida, featuring only attendees of the event,[1] but the plans fell through. The first live UHC, named UHC #ForTheKids, was held in September 2014 as part of the 2014 Mindcrack Marathon. Two subsequent live UHCs, UHC #ForTheKidsTwo and UHC #ForTheKidsThree, were held in November 2015 as part of the 2015 Mindcrack Marathon. A live UHC was held as a standalone event on 21 May 2016.


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