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UHC #ForTheKidsSeven[edit]

Version 1.8.8
Type Teams of two
Objective Last team standing
Players 11 + 1
Date 15 April 2017

UHC #ForTheKidsSeven is a fight to the death between six teams of two. Like previous #ForTheKids UHCs, this is an unnumbered and unofficial season of UHC. Viewers could influence the gameplay by gifting items to the player of their choice via donations to Extra Life.

The season was broadcast live to Twitch on 15 April 2017, separate from the annual Mindcrack Marathons.[1] The event was livestreamed by all participants, excluding Docm77,[2] with Guude spectating the event and livestreaming to the Mindcrack Network Twitch channel. Items could be gifted through an interactive website, donate.n3rds.care/event/mindcrack-marathon, where player health and game status was displayed.


Due to being an unexpected inclusion, Arkas started on his own and was to join the first team he found. Docm77, however, woke up and joined the game at the 40:04 mark, teaming with Arkas.

TeamMembersChat color
NebrisW92BajDark aqua
Dark aquaNebrisW92Baj
DireDwarfPakratt0013Dark blue
Dark blueDireDwarfPakratt0013
PyraoSethBlingLight purple
Light purplePyraoSethBling
Team Single Malt Scotch.pngkurtmacZisteauDark green
Single Malt ScotchkurtmacZisteau



A total of $20,016 was raised for Extra Life throughout the event.[3]


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