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Season 8[edit]

Season 8 was a free for all season played in Minecraft 1.3.1, with the first episode released on 13 August 2012. This season, Guude tried out the Bukkit mod that the Fan Server used to see if it would mitigate block lag that had plagued previous seasons. The major differences to the previous client side mod were that the map was a 800-radius circle surrounded by bedrock walls and other players' health was represented by numbers. Instead of providing a map download, Guude has provided the world seed: -4353027920373903139.[1]

The participants were revealed during Kurt's FLoB-athon charity event as an incentive to donate. Starting at 86% of the goal of the event, for every 1% raised, he would say one additional participant. The participants, revealed in this order, are Guude, Mhykol, Docm77, BdoubleO100, generikb, Nebris, W92Baj, mcgamer, Pakratt0013, Millbee, adlingtont, Pyro_0, VintageBeef, Etho, and kurtmac himself.[2] This was the first season for four new players, adlingtont, generikb, Mhykol and Millbee.

The intro scene used by most players was created by Pyro_0 and uses music is by Jackal Queenston featuring Mayhem titled "Laugh at Life (The Queenstons Remix)". Kurt and mcgamer used Kevin MacLeod's music that was used in previous seasons.



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Redditor ICWiener42's overviewer map.


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