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Season 18[edit]

Season 18
Version 1.7.10
Type Teams of three
Objective Last team standing
Players 21

The eighteenth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between seven teams of three. This season was played in eternal day, though instead of being in the middle of the sky as in previous seasons, the sun is stopped at dusk, mostly as a cosmetic feature. Enchanting tables are not allowed to be crafted; they instead drop upon death, encouraging players to not stay in caves for as long and instead look for other participants to fight.

The first episode was released on 24 September 2014.


This season featured 19 Mindcrackers, along with 2 guests, oldGanon and OMGchad. Team names were decided by a fan vote on /r/mindcrack.[1]

TeamMembersChat color
Team 77 Chads of Anderz.pngAnderZELDocm77OMGchadDark Purple
77 Chads of AnderzAnderZELDocm77OMGchad
Team Coe's Quest across the Super-Hostile Kingdom of the Sky.pngBlameTCCoestarVechs_Aqua
Coe's Quest across the Super-Hostile Kingdom of the SkyBlameTCCoestarVechs_
Team Cutlass Supreme.pngAvidyaZENjsano19MillbeeDark Blue
Cutlass SupremeAvidyaZENjsano19Millbee
Team Get off My Lawn.pngoldGanonPyro_0VintageBeefDark Green
Get off My Lawn!oldGanonPyro_0VintageBeef
Guude's Rainbow Rats.pngAureylianGuudePakratt0013Yellow
Guude's Rainbow RatsAureylianGuudePakratt0013
Team PWN.pngNebrisPauseUnpauseW92BajLight Purple
Stream Team.pngmcgamerSethBlingsevadusRed
The Stream TeammcgamerSethBlingsevadus

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