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Season 23[edit]

UHC23 Banner.png
Season 23
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Version 1.9
Type Teams of three
Objective Last team standing
Players 18
Map size 1500x1500 (shrinking)

The twenty-third season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between six teams of three. The world border begins at 1500x1500, shrinking down to 1x1 over the course of two and a half hours.

The first episode was released on 4 April 2016. The intro was made by Arkas, featuring the song "$ATTN" by Mr. Bill.


This season featured 17 Mindcrackers, along with 1 guest, Lorgon111. The teams were randomly chosen. This was only adlingtont's second appearance in UHC, his first being in season 8.

TeamMembersChat color
Team Geoguessr.pngJSano19NebrisW92BajRed
Team Goodest.pngLorgon111OMGchadVintageBeefAqua
Team Maximum Damage.pngDocm77Pakratt0013SethBlingGold
Maximum DamageDocm77Pakratt0013SethBling
Team Parents 2.0.pngAureylianGuudePauseUnpauseYellow
Parents 2.0AureylianGuudePauseUnpause
Team Peasant Master.pngAnderZELPyro_0SevadusGreen
Peasant MasterAnderZELPyro_0Sevadus
Team Pile of Soup.pngadlingtontArkaskurtmacBlue
Pile of SoupadlingtontArkaskurtmac

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  1. While fighting Guude, Baj fell into a ravine. Although it was during battle, Baj's death is credited as PvE.
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