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Season 24[edit]

UHC24 Banner.png
Season 24
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Version 1.9
Type Teams of three
Objective Last team standing
Players 15

The twenty-fourth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between five teams of three. The world border will shrink down to 1x1 over the course of two and a half hours. The world was generated with the preset "Caver's Delight", and the number of dungeons with set to maximum.

The first episode was released on 30 May 2016. The intro was made by Arkas, featuring the song "Harmonica Lewinsky" by Mr. Bill.


This season featured 15 Mindcrackers. This was DireDwarf's debut in an official season of UHC, the first time W92Baj has not participated, and the first season where Pyro_0 had played with the name Pyrao

TeamMembersChat color
Team Beefy Embrace.pngadlingtontNebrisVintageBeefBlue
Beefy EmbraceadlingtontNebrisVintageBeef
Team Cannonball.pngMhykolPakratt0013PauseUnpauseGreen
Team Flaming DireMacs.pngDireDwarfkurtmacPyraoAqua
Flaming DireMacsDireDwarfkurtmacPyrao
Team Iron.pngArkasDocm77SethBlingGold
Team Totally Not Cussing.pngAnderZELGuudeOMGchadRed
Totally Not CussingAnderZELGuudeOMGchad

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