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The Minecraft avatar of OldManWillakers

Rob at BlizzCon 2013
Born (1986-08-13) 13 August 1986 (age 33)[1]
Country Canada
Gender M
Other names Rob, OldMan, BruceWillakers, Rurikar, Rurikar22, urealms, Willy

OldManWillakers, also known as Rurikar22, or his personal name Robert William Moran,[2][3] or simply Rob, is a Canadian Let's Play commentator. Well known for being the creator of Dwarves vs Zombies, Rob appeared as a guest in UHC season 13, and served as a developer for PlayMindcrack until August 2014. He is the creator of the Buffalo Wizards.

Online Career[edit]

Before Dwarves vs Zombies[edit]

Rob's first impact online was with his animated series "Unforgotten Realms" which was first released on Newgrounds.[citation needed] Rob later remade the series with better graphics and sound and it was published on The Escapist Magazine and his website, urealms.com.[citation needed] The series also became much longer and has 2 full seasons and an unfinished 3rd season which has been on hold for quite a while.[citation needed] Rob is currently working on a game based in the world of Unforgotten realms called "Unforgotten Quest". The game was financed by a kickstarter with a goal of 100,000 dollars.[4][5]

Rob's inactive Let's Play channel, "URTwoPlayer", a co-op channel operated alongside Roamin, featured a wide range of games including Super Mario World and Saints Row IV. The channel features old videos previously posted on urealms.com and new material from when the channel was started.

Other YouTube channels[edit]

In addition to his main YouTube channel "BruceWillakers", Rob operates many other YouTube channels. His oldest channel, "Rurikar", became popular for his comedic World of Warcraft videos such as "Jimmy, the World of Warcraft Story", "Time Gnomes", and "Pepitoz". The handle Rurikar is derived from a DnD character called "Rurik" which was taken so Rob added an a and then an r. Later on, the username "Rurikar" was also taken, he was 22 years old at the time so he added "22" to "Rurikar" to get the name "Rurikar22".[citation needed]

In addition to regular Minecraft content uploaded to his main channel, Rob also uploads regular Pokémon gameplay to his "PKMNRob" channel.


Rob first met PauseUnpause in early 2012 through Dwarves vs Zombies.[6] In March 2013, he explored various parts of the Mindcrack map with Pause in his custom DvZ gameplay (not on the actual Mindcrack Server).[7][8] Pause tweeted a screenshot of OldManWillakers during the making of one of the videos, teasing followers that he had joined Mindcrack, when in fact he hadn't.[9] Rob also later explored W92Baj's place with Baj within DvZ gameplay.[10][11]

Rob appeared as a guest in episode 43 (June 2013)[12] and episode 58 (January 2014) of the Mindcrack Podcast.[13] He attended a number of conventions with the Mindcrackers, including PlayOnCon 2013, the MindCrack Party at MineCon 2013, and PlayOnCon 2014. Rob appeared as a guest in UHC season 13. He had also been invited to participate in season 12 but could not attend,[14] and later season 14, where he would've been on a team with Arkas and Nebris, but had to pull out of the event.[15]

On 8 December 2013, it was announced that his server, "Bruce's Gym", would be teaming up with Mindcrack to create PlayMindcrack.[16] Rob mentioned in February 2014 that he was going to join the Mindcrack Feed the Beast server as a guest to collaborate with PauseUnpause as the Tuna Bandits,[17][18] but later stated he wasn't interested in playing.[19] Rob worked as an admin of PlayMindcrack until 18 August 2014, when he announced he and nisovin would be moving onto other projects.[20] Both Rob and Guude have explained that their friendship became broken and disconnected as a result.[21][22]

In March 2015, Rob answered multiple questions on his ask.fm page relating to activity on the PlayMindcrack server, the professionalism of Mindcrack and their internal disputes, his experiences with Guude, and Coestar and PauseUnpause's involvement with the Buffalo Wizards.[23] Zisteau replied to the /r/MindcrackDiscussion thread criticizing Rob's dedication to PlayMindcrack and his leaking of information about Guude's secret project.[24] Rob replied to Zisteau on his ask.fm admitting his lack of attention to Zisteau's Calamity Town and apologizing for his leaked information about the secret project, but stating he felt the need to be transparent and upfront with viewers without ruining Guude's project.[25]

Buffalo Wizards[edit]

The Buffalo Wizards are a Let's Play group created in April 2014[26] consisting of HCJustin, Spydster, WastedTime (DeadBones5), Roamin,[27] Vankz,[a][28][29] Coestar,[30] nisovin,[31] SporkandSorts (Slagar),[32][33][34] shaylene (Queen Shay),[35][36] and KyleTheBear (Buttrug).[37][38] They previously played Garry's Mod gamemodes such as "Murder", "Prop Hunt", and "Trouble in Terrorist Town" together. They host a public Minecraft roleplaying plot world, Lords of Minecraft. Lords of Minecraft was previously part of PlayMindcrack, before splitting and creating their own server in September 2014.[39]



  • Aside from "OldManWillakers" and "Rurikar22", Rob owns many other Minecraft accounts which he previously used for role playing games.[43]

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