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B-Team's secret base, located beneath VintageBeef's castle.

The B-Team was formed in August 2012, by BdoubleO100 and generikb. They represent a criminal organization on the MindCrack server, often being involved in both pranks and other shady dealings.

Formation and trial[edit]

The pair teamed up after Etho had slain BdoubleO, leaving BdoubleO wanting revenge.[1] Their initial plan was to "bomb" him, by detonating TNT near Etho. As they were searching Etho's chests at his place, they saw stacks of TNT and Gunpowder. BdoubleO decided to take them as payment for wasting his time waiting at Etho's mob system for Gunpowder.[2] Generikb came up with the name "B-Team" when he wanted a gang name to call themselves.[3] The B-Team went to the surface to provoke Etho, who was working on his trading hut at the time.[4] Etho slaughtered both BdoubleO and Generikb multiple times at the Nether hub as they kept provoking Etho.

Main article: Etho v. B-Team

There was talk of a court hearing after the event.[5] The B-Team appointed Guude to represent them. W92Baj was appointed the judge and VintageBeef was appointed to represent Etho. The B-Team later converted the Arena's center stage into a courtroom. They hired PauseUnpause as their lawyer after he came by to give them Roses. The three traveled to Baj's Village and "donated" some blocks of emerald to Baj.[6] Baj responded by giving BdoubleO ten blocks of emeralds and the table back, saying he does not accept bribes. He built a gallows made for two at the center of the arena.[7]

Although jury members had not been chosen yet, BdoubleO and Generikb went to bribe and threaten any potential jurors. Kurt was the only one online when the event happened. The B-Team traveled to Kurt's missile silo and planted a "remote bomb" at the bottom. They then traveled to bribe Nebris with glowstone, Zisteau with buckets of lava, and Doc with redstone, pistons, and leaves.[8] MC Gamer came by the Arena and was bribed with lapis lazuli.[9] Doc accepted the bribe but he had also received a gift from Etho and remained neutral.[10] Nebris accepted the bribe and showed his support.[11]

Thejims claimed to have witnessed the event.[12] The B-Team responded by placing a "horse's head" above thejims' bed.[13] Millbee wanted to join the team by submitting a video application showing his qualifications.[14] BdoubleO traveled to Millbee's place to inform him that the application was received.[15] BdoubleO and Generikb traveled to their B-Team secret base to review the application and rejected Millbee.[16][17] The B-Team traveled to Etho's recent underground base under the jungle and detonated TNTs around the base to "force" him to close his mouth.[18]

The B-Team went on trial on 28 September 2012 and was found guilty. They were to be executed at the gallows but Millbee had built a safe fall below the gallows and a tunnel for them to escape. After the event, the B-Team reconsidered their decision on Millbee and gave a chance for him by giving him tasks in the future. They also accepted Guude as their lawyer.

Further activity[edit]

Season 3[edit]

In an agreement with VintageBeef, the B-Team purchased his castle and converted it into the "B-Team Casino". Avidya was contracted by generikb to build the lounge and bar.[19]

BdoubleO built a lever shop at spawn village under the B-Team name in an attempt to sell levers given to him in a prank from MC Gamer.[20] Etho then took over the shop and renamed it to the "Ninja Lever Shop." In response, the B-Team traveled to Etho's jungle base again and built a "Redstone Emporium" on the surface.[21]

During the Horse Update Snapshots, the B-Team set up a Western Town called Mudbucket and became cowboys; going on hunts against outlaws and riding around on the horses.


On the MindCrack Feed the Beast server, the B-Team established their headquarters in an extreme hills biome. Their base includes three major towers and the giant Alveary.

Season 4[edit]

After the map reset, GenerikB set up Cat Fancy Subscription Service as a subsidiary of B-Team Enterprises and gave everybody cats. He then later hired Arkas to kill the cats, so that he may collect the diamond compensation. Later, the PITA Building was converted into a B-Team Realty business as part of a graft scheme to sell of plots of unused land at spawn.

Later, both Generikb and BdoubleO, due to the 2014 New Year, announced they would cease criminal activities and open a "legitimate business", which was later revealed to be Lé B-Team Pastry Shoppé. This was seen as sketchy for most of the server members, but many of them thought they should give the B-Team a chance to redeem themselves. This was short-lived, however, when the B-Team took advantage of their "Free Cake" deliveries as a smokescreen in order to rob their clients. They later went on a mission to rid clues to their involvement when AnderZEL set up a police line around the Shoppé.

Generikb created a replica of the old B-Team Base from Season 3. Many new blocks were implemented, and it was revealed to be the new operations center for an underground gambling center and black market. According to Generik, his design of the base is not set in stone, stating that "[BdoubleO] is the builder on the team" and that he has the final say in any and all builds for the B-Team. Later, however, BdoubleO logged on and expressed his love of the new design, and that he plans to expand the same style while building the entirety of their base. On 5 March 2014, mcgamer accidentally found the location of the B-Team's new base.[22]

In May 2014, mcgamer discovered Lé B-Team Pastry Shoppé burning down. Together with jsano19, they build a firetruck, but the building could not be recovered.[23] It was later revealed that the fire was part of an introduction to a new member of the server, Aureylian.[24] Aureylian explained that she had received permission to burn down the Shoppé, and later rebuilt it with a new design.


Game Playlist or first episode Start date Brief description
Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16 Nov 2012
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 9 Aug 2012
Herobrine's Mansion 5 Nov 2012
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer 15 Nov 2012
Wrath of the Fallen 14 Dec 2012
Herobrine's Return 18 Mar 2013


BdoubleO100 and generikb have competed against each other in a number of their collaborations.

Game/Server Start date Goal First episode Consequence
Call of Duty 16 Nov 2012 Race to Commander: Winner is the first to reach commander level Loser must wear a dress in public
MindCrack 17 Mar 2013 Mine Wars: Winner has the most epic mine Winner must blow up his own mine
MindCrack Feed the Beast 27 Mar 2013 Emerald Wars: Winner is the first to turn his statue into emeralds Loser must drink an 8oz concoction of the winners choosing


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