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Season 9[edit]

UHC9 Banner.png
Season 9
Team Fairly Hardcore.png
Version 1.4.7
Type Teams of four
Objective Slay the Ender Dragon
Players 20
Seed 13371337[1]
Date 29 March 2013[2]

UHC Season 9 is a throwback to Season 1 and 2, celebrating the one-year anniversary of UHC. Five teams of four people race to kill the Ender Dragon. An End portal was created at 0,0 with 9 (of the 12 required) Ender Eyes already placed in the portal. The Ender Dragon would be deemed the winner if no players were able to defeat her. Player heads dropped upon death, though "golden heads" could not be crafted, as in some other plugins.

The first episode was released on 2 April 2013. The intro was made by Pyro_0, featuring the song "The Road" by Jackal Queenston.


This season was the first to feature a guest; SethBling. It was also Avidya's, BlameTC's and paulsoaresjr's debut season of UHC. Both the teams from Season 4, Nancy Drew and DOOKE, reunited for this season.

Team DOOKE.pngBdoubleO100Docm77Ethokurtmac
Team Fairly Hardcore.pngAvidyaBlameTCMhykolSethBling
Fairly HardcoreAvidyaBlameTCMhykolSethBling
Team Nancy Drew.pngGuudePauseUnpauseVintageBeefW92Baj
Nancy DrewGuudePauseUnpauseVintageBeefW92Baj
Team Potty Mouth.pngAnderZELgenerikbMillbeePyro_0
Potty MouthAnderZELgenerikbMillbeePyro_0

Playlists and videos[edit]

Nebris' footage was not recorded.[3] BlameTC uploaded pre-match and post-match footage. Pakratt0013 included pre-match footage in his first episode.

Movement Maps[edit]

Redditor ICWiener42's overviewer map.


Reddit threads[edit]


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