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This is a list of adlingtont's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by adlingtont on the MindCrack server.

Pre Beta 1.8 World[edit]

The playlist for this series is "Minecraft Let's Play".

Video Notable events Featuring
3 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 01 - Finding a house part 1"
  • First MindCrack video
3 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 02 - Finding a house part 2"
  • Gets killed by a spider
  • Hangs out at spawn village waiting for day
  • Glitches out on a fence
3 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 03 - Finding a house part 3"
  • Continues trying to find a spot to build a cool house
3 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 04 - Finally finding a home"
  • Suffering from multiple creeper blasts
  • Deciding on a place to build his home
3 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 05 - A taste of spelunk!"
  • Avoiding a skeleton from inside a hastily-built shack
  • Attempting to cave and narrowly defeating another skeleton
  • Trying to cave again and getting killed by a zombie
3 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 06 - A lot of crafting and another death"
  • Crafting new tools in preparation for a nighttime corpse run
  • Deciding to dig within his shack in search of another cave
  • Dying to a creeper off-camera while in his house
4 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 07 - Diamonds everywhere!"
  • Preparations for exploring a cave nearby his shack
  • Discovering numerous resources, including caches of diamonds
5 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 08"
  • Returning to the shack after dying off-camera as a result of lava in the last episode's cave
  • Attempting to find the cave where he died to make a corpse run
6 Feb 2011 "Minecarft Let's Play Part 09"
  • Continuing his corpse runs from previous episodes
  • Escaping the cave with half a heart, then dying while fending off zombies
  • Dying again in the cave because of a creeper
6 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play Part 09.5"
  • Continuation of the episode 8's corpse run
  • Discovering a zombie spawner
7 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play Part 10"
  • Gets killed by a creeper while trying to kill a spider in the cave
  • Attempting several corpse runs from within the zombie dungeon and getting killed in the process
9 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 12 - First no death?"
  • Caving and dying, then making a corpse run
10 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 13"
  • Continuing immediately from episode 12 with caving
  • Getting lost and attempting to escape the cave
  • Recuperating aboveground and then returning to the cave
11 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 14 Ending"
  • Concluding the previous episode (Let's Play 14 Part 1) in a 14 second clip.
11 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 14 Part 1"
  • Discussing plans for and working on his base
  • Discussing his new ability to upload longer videos (this is his first video longer than 15 minutes)
  • Caving, including the mining of the previously-found diamonds
12 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 15"
  • Caving and dying
  • Getting chased out of his base's tunnel by a creeper
13 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 16 - Building the Dome Part 1"
  • Speed build of a pathway between his base and spawn, and of the tunnel
  • Several deaths and corpse runs
  • Starting work on the dome
14 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 17 - Building the Dome Part 2"
  • Sped-up footage of the dome's completion, and the conversion of its inside into a dock
15 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 18 - More spawnery goodness"
  • Discovering and looting a zombie dungeon open to the ocean
  • Dying and making corpse runs
  • Discovering a second chest to loot upon returning
16 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 19 - Bursting into someone hole"
  • Caving and stumbling upon an already-explored cave area that was possibly mined out by Nebris
17 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 20"
  • Continuing to cave the already-explored cave and trying to figure out who caved there
  • Dying in lava and making a corpse run
18 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 21"
  • Continuing to cave the already-explored cave
  • Discovering a dungeon in an area he already explored
  • Dying repeatedly to zombies and making several corpse runs
19 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 22"
  • Continuing with caving
  • Using lava buckets to take control of a spider spawner discovered in the previous episode
  • Looting the dungeon then returning to the surface
24 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 23 - Sunday's episode"
  • Converting a dungeon into a sun-based mob harvester, including a mob elevator design used by Etho
  • Getting killed by a zombie while working in the night
28 Feb 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 24 - The Wild Outside"
  • Discussing a desire to design a Russian roulette machine using dispensers
  • Dying repeatedly while walking out at night and making corpse runs
  • Showing the work he has done on the dock's guide lights
1 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 25"
  • Wandering about an aboveground area of the Overworld after falling down a deep hole
  • Falling into a chunk error, relogging, and getting lost again
2 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 26"
  • Returning to his shack, prepping, and then going caving in search of diamonds
  • Discovering a previously-missed zombie spawner and getting killed
  • Falling into lava while attempting a corpse run
3 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 27 - The Castle"
  • First (and soundless) build involving his castle.
4 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 28"
  • Speed build of the castle
5 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 29"
  • Speed build of the castle
6 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 30"
  • Speed build of the castle
7 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 31"
  • Speed build of the castle
8 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 32"
  • Speed build of the castle
9 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 33"
  • Touring the additions he made to the castle
  • Discussing the additions he has already planned, and that he is free-styling his castle's design
10 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 34"
  • Speed build of the castle, including a spiral staircase
11 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 35"
  • Speed build of the castle, including a covered wooden pathway
12 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 36"
  • Speed build of the castle
14 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 37"
  • Speed build of the castle, including excavations to extend a spiral staircase downwards
15 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 38"
  • Speed build of the castle, including a side exit from one of its towers
  • Speed build of the dock guide lanes
16 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 39"
  • Speed build of the dock guide lanes
  • Building the dock guide lanes with half a heart and accidentally drowning, then making a corpse run
  • Returning to the castle
17 Mar 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 40"
  • Speed build of the castle
  • Getting killed by a zombie while in a spiral staircase
18 Mar 2011 "‪MInecraft Let's Play 41‬"
  • Getting killed by a spider and then making a corpse run
  • Speed build of the castle, including getting killed by a creeper
21 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 42 - Mysterious Voice‬"
  • Doing first voiced episode in twelve days
  • In celebration of getting 100 subscribers, attempting a "fireworks" show by stacking three TNT atop each other
  • Discussing future plans for his castle and series, including plans to call it "Fall Damage" based on a comment on episode 41
  • Continuing to build his castle, including an outer patio comprised of half-slabs
22 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 43 - Don't Play With Fire‬"
  • Speed build of his castle (with music), including an expansion of the outdoor entry stairs
  • Lighting a tree aflame, accidentally causing a forest fire, and getting killed by mobs while trying to put it out
  • Unsuccessfully attempting to save his first shack from the fire
  • First episode to be named "Fall Damage"
23 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 44‬"
  • Memorial introduction for his shack, which was destroyed in the previous episode by fire
  • Speed build of working on the castle's storage tower and the castle entrance stairs
  • Getting killed by a creeper while working on the tower, then by fall damage while working on the stairs
24 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 45 - 44 minutes?!?‬"
  • Investigating a zombie spawner he discovered while digging his tunnel to Spawn
  • Getting killed by a zombie and making a corpse run
  • A creeper glitches through falling gravel and destroys the zombie dungeon
  • Caving, then exploring the Overworld at night
25 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 46‬"
  • Speed build of the castle, particularly the completion of the front stairs
26 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 47‬"
  • Exploring an interesting aboveground area
  • Fishing (unsuccessfully) to regain health
  • Dying of fall damage and making a corpse run
27 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 48‬"
  • Exploring an unexpectedly small cave
  • Traveling to the Arena, facing mobs, then dying
  • Showcasing his skin, changed from Steve to the minions of Despicable Me
  • Making a corpse run and fixing the creeper holes in the Arena
28 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 49‬"
  • Caving but running mostly into dead-end pathways
  • Encountering multiple zombies and taking substantial damage
29 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 50‬"
  • Returning to the surface and going to Guude's base for wheat
  • Caving
30 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 51‬"
  • Continuing to cave
  • Securing a zombie dungeon and finding little of value
31 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 52‬"
  • Continuing with caving, promising that it would be his last video in that cave
  • Falling into lava and dying, then making a corpse run
31 Mar 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 53‬"
  • Starting the episode in Beta 1.4 in a newly generated single player world generated 10 minutes after the update was released
  • Exploring the novel features of Beta 1.4, including trying to find wolves
  • Going to a single-player save file of the SMP server and exploring it in Beta 1.4
1 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 54‬"
  • Speed build of the castle, starting with the replacement of dirt and grass flooring with smooth stone
  • Working on an archway and a stairwell
  • Dying of fall damage while working on the stairwell
3 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 55‬"
  • Speed build of the castle beginning with a corpse run from his death in the previous episode
  • Continuing work on the stairwell
  • Attempting to sleep for multiple nights and getting awakened by mobs each time
4 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 56 - The Train Bridge‬"
  • Connecting his rail line to his castle using a gift of rail supplies from Nebris
  • Speed build of the bridge carrying that rail line
  • Dying of fall damage while building the bridge and rail line
5 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 57 Take 2‬"
  • Expressing his dissatisfaction with the finalized train bridge and stairwell
  • Discussing improvements he has planned for the castle
  • Sped-up footage of designing a working propulsion system for his rail line
6 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 58 - Preparing for the Grand Hall‬"
  • Sped-up footage of sand harvesting in preparation for building the Grand Hall in the castle
  • Speed build starting off the Grand Hall
7 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 59‬"
  • Touring the improvements made to the Grand Hall since the last video
  • Mentioning that he has special plans for his 200th subscriber special
  • Speed build of the Grand Hall, showcasing the improvements he previously discussed
  • Dying of fall damage while building the Grand Hall
8 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 60‬"
  • Speed build of the Grand Hall, including the installation of a glass roof and large vaunted glass windows
  • Sped-up footage of sand harvesting for the purposes of creating sandstone
9 Apr 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 61‬"
  • Showcasing the completed and furnished Grand Hall
  • Sped-up footage of sand harvesting and spontaneous caving
  • Speed build of the Great Hall
  • Fall damage-induced death
9 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play - 62‬"
  • Explaining his month-long hiatus and why the 200 subscriber special is not yet ready (mainly because of his departure to Canada)
  • Sped-up footage of farming wood inside his castle, then setting the leaves aflame
  • Inadvertently setting fire to a wooden ceiling support while settling leaves aflame
  • Tearing down the surface component of a mob grinder converted from a spawner
10 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 63‬"
  • Leveling a hill and discussing possible changes to the Grand Hall
  • Speed build of the castle, particularly on the hallway leading to the Grand Hall
11 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 64‬"
  • Celebrating the "256 Subscriber Special" by setting up the server IP on a wall to be shown, then detonating it before it became legible
  • Setting up a sculpture room decorated with the names of every one of his 256 subscribers
12 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 65‬"
  • Speed build, particularly of working on the west wing, the library roof and a stairway
13 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 66‬"
  • Addressing footage of W92Baj "defecating" on his bed by throwing the soiled bed over the ledge of his castle
  • Showcasing the furnished library (149 bookcases crafted from 447 books and, therefore, 1,341 sheets of paper)
  • Looking at game statistics to determine how much he has mined and placed since the statistics were introduced
14 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 67 - Yes I know it says 66‬"
  • Speed build of the castle courtyard
  • Repeatedly attempting to sleep but getting awakened by mobs
15 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 68 - New Music!‬"
  • Speed build of the castle
  • Bantering with ShreeyamGFX and VintageBeef, newly-added members to the server
  • Speed build of a Hogwarts-style greenhouse
16 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 69‬"
  • Speed build of the first greenhouse to completion
  • Thanking his viewers for their encouragement in the comments
  • Speed build of the second greenhouse to near-completion
  • Dying of fall damage while building the second greenhouse
17 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 70‬"
  • Viewing the castle from a distance and from above, then outlining the lake he has chosen to build
  • Complaining about the lake
  • Speed build finishing the second greenhouse, two spiral staircases and a gravel and wood pathway to the greenhouses before starting work on the lake
  • Dying of fall damage by walking off a bannister onto his train track
18 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 71‬"
  • Sped-up footage of digging a trench in preparation for the lake's excavation, and then the lake's actual excavation
  • Addressing comments by the viewers including several suggesting getting help (both from server members and/or non-server members) to excavate the lake
24 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 72‬"
  • Visiting W92Baj's house, following one of his railway tracks, and ending up in a dangerous cave
  • Showcasing the progress he has made on the lake's excavation
25 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 73‬"
  • Showing the completed trench, which he finished with help from ShreeyamGFX
  • Talking about the activities of other server members such as jsano19, davmandave, Guude and kennedyzak
  • Sped-up footage of excavating the lake
  • A plethora of conversations between Shreeyam and adlington; Guude and kennedyzak; and VintageBeef
26 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 74‬"
  • Sped-up footage of him continuing to excavate the lake
  • Tearing down aspects of the train bridge, as well as the remnants of the shack's lawn, that interfere with the lake's positioning
27 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 75‬"
  • Sped-up footage of mining glowstone in the Nether
  • Complaining about the large quantity of gamebreaking bugs in the game
  • Not dying as he had expected
  • Getting trapped in a small Nether cave with a multitude of ghasts above him
29 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 76‬"
  • Escaping the cave and continuing to mine glowstone
  • Assaulting a zombie pigman and then getting assaulted by other zombie pigmen
  • Answering comments from previous videos
  • Announcing plans to farm TNT to help in the excavation of the lake
30 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 77‬"
  • Showing the progress made on the lake after having detonated a stack of TNT
  • Testing light levels around his castle
  • Showing his mushroom farm
31 May 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 78‬"
  • Sped-up footage of Nether venturing and multiple deaths
  • Talking in chat with W92Baj about crispy duck from Asda, and with Baj and ShreeyamGFX over the best British supermarket
  • Discussing his need for 6.6 inventories full of gunpowder to get enough TNT to excavate the lake completely
2 Jun 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 79‬"
  • Running his harvested gunpowder from Nebris' place to his castle
  • Discussing plans to drop TNT onto the lakebed from above with the help of scaffolding
7 Jul 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play - 80‬"
  • Returning from a month-long hiatus, a result of a nine-hour workday at Tesco alongside university
  • Announcing and agreeing with the decision to reset the server, although he was not part of the decision because of his hiatus
  • Showing the result of his TNT excavation and announcing that the castle will not be finished before the reset
  • Explaining his disbelief at customer stupidities he experienced while working at Tesco
  • Abandoning the lake and choosing to use the TNT instead to detonate his castle during a later episode
12 Jul 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 81‬"
  • Abandoning his castle and setting plans to start a new one after the server reset
  • Working on a stilt-founded wooden platform in the middle of a lake
25 Jul 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 82 - Guude's Maze"
  • Speed build of a maze prank on Guude
27 Jul 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 83‬"
  • Caving for the first time in a while
  • Talking about plans to livestream after moving to Canada
  • Discovering that someone had already explored portions of his cave
9 Aug 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 84‬"
  • Discussing how his laptop broke after the last episode, taking all his data with it (including three episodes worth of caving)
  • Speed build of the castle's astronomy tower while he dubs it; the footage itself is about a week older than the dub
  • Apologizing for lagging in video releases and comment responses as a result of forgetfulness and work
24 Aug 2011 "‪Let's Play Minecraft - 85‬"
  • Answering comment questions, generally regarding his move to Canada; his castle and the map reset; and his previous laptop issues
  • Dubbing his voice over sped-up footage of the construction of the astronomy tower
25 Aug 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 86‬"
  • 8x speed build of the castle, including the astronomy tower floor
  • Falling into lava and dying while making obsidian flooring in the astronomy tower
  • Addressing comments made on episode 85, including those referencing the pronunciation of poutine and an idea to prank Guude in 1.8
  • Discussing the possibility that easter eggs will be left in the castle for downloaders to find
26 Aug 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 87‬"
  • Taking a look at all of the castle's rooms, describing what has changed since they were last seen in episodes, as part of a "walkaround" episode
  • Dying of fall damage and respawning at Spawn instead of at his castle, then returning via the Nether
9 Sep 2011 "‪Minecraft Let's Play 88 - 1.8 Failings‬"
  • Exploring the Beta 1.8 pre-release and its new features on a newly generated map
  • Getting frightened by an enderman and then puzzling over its ender pearl's purpose
  • Exploring wide swaths of the Overworld and discovering a ravine and a mineshaft
  • Getting killed by a zombie falling from an upper level in the mineshaft

Post Beta 1.8 World[edit]

The playlist for this series is "Minecraft Let's Play".

Video Notable events Featuring
20 Sep 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 89"
  • First video on the 1.8 world
  • Working on his chapel
  • Exploring the spawn village
23 Sep 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 90"
  • Testing if sheep will regrow their wool
  • Looking at the communal storage and the farm
Arkas, BdoubleO100, VintageBeef
27 Sep 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 91"
  • Speed build of the monastery
  • Discussing plans for his new castle
16 Dec 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 92"
  • Speed build of laying the groundwork for the castle
  • Discussing moving to Canada
20 Dec 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 93"
  • Speed build of working on the foundations for the castle
27 Dec 2011 "Minecraft Let's Play 94"
  • Opening his Christmas present
18 Jan 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 95"
  • Speed build of the castle
  • Castle building statistics
15 Feb 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 96"
  • Responding to Guude's prank of flaming Netherack
1 Mar 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 97"
  • Laying out the flooring in the storage room
  • Starting to use Sony Vegas for editing and rendering
  • Revising the design of the bathrooms
11 Mar 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 98"
  • Demonstrating automatic fireplace designs
  • Explaining how the zombie spawner xp farm works
26 Mar 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 99"
  • Discussion of dispensers shooting through blocks
  • Touring changes to the castle
26 Apr 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 100 - Blow Your Pants Off"
  • Touring progress on the castle and discussing future building plans
  • The red hut challenge on the MindCrack public server
  • A look at the nether track
10 May 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 101 - Mooshroom Madness"
  • Transporting VintageBeef's Mooshrooms to his base
  • Announcing videos have been monetized
  • Castle update
12 Jun 2012 "Fall Damage 102 - Updates"
  • Updates on the move to Canada
  • Updates on the castle
  • Testing out his parkour course
15 Jun 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 103 - The Boring Stuff (Q&A)"
  • Answering many fan questions
  • Branch mining
20 Jun 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 104 - Pre-Candyland"
  • Constructing an automatic loop on BsoubleO's Note Blocks present at VintageBeef's
  • Explaining his minecart system in the Nether
  • Explaining the piston door to his super secret room
23 Jun 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 105 - To Pastures New"
  • The day before the travel to Canada
  • Updates on the castle
24 Jul 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 106 - A New Canuck"
  • First video in Canada
  • Talk on immigrating to and settling in Canada
  • Updates on the castle
  • Scrapping The Guild II
10 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 107 - Unnecessary Spoilers"
  • Stalking BdoubleO
  • Setting up for, and executing, the prank covering and surrounding the Arena village with sand
  • Discussing what he has been doing since moving to Canada
  • Removing some of the sand wall and adding signs after the pranks discovery
21 Aug 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 108 - Demands"
  • Discovering BdoubleO's TNT bomb in his castle and disarming it
  • Proposing a way to end his fight with BdoubleO
  • Discussing his performance in UHC 8
  • Trying to fight an iron golem
13 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 109 - Catching Up"
  • Talking about a program he's working on writing and Minecraft mods
  • Working on the 5th floor roof and mooshroom room
  • Talking about shows he's watching the upcoming fight with BdoubleO, and donations
21 Sep 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 110 - The Combat Wing"
  • Starting to build the combat wing
  • Talking about other games he's playing
4 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 111 - Commercial Testing"
  • Giving a tour of new areas of the castle
  • Talking about his new job
  • Laying redstone wiring between levels
  • Talking about going to his first Magic: The Gathering event
10 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 112 - Completing Combat Circle Entrance"
  • Working on the redstone in the combat arena
31 Oct 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 113 - Mighty Magic"
  • Working on the combat area
  • Talking about his new wallet, ads on his video and Magic: The Gathering
  • Turning Guude's "G" into an "A"
27 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 114 - BdoubleCluck"
  • Filling the arena and village with chickens
  • Talking about sneaking eggs past the B-Team
28 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 116 - Epic Duel"
  • Fighting BdoubleO in the arena
28 Nov 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 115 - Hiatus Explanations"
  • Talking about why there's been a break in videos and how he'd like to increase the quality of his videos
13 Dec 2012 "Minecraft Let's Play 117 - Mazes"
  • Making a maze in the castle
  • Talking about games he'd like to play and his computer fund
16 Jan 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 118 - Bedrooms"
  • Working on bedrooms in the combat wing
  • Talking about his FLOBputer fund
5 Feb 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 119 - Cartography Class"
  • Mentioning some of his Christmas presents
  • Talking about his FLOBputer fund, games he's been playing and is planing to play
  • Making maps of the area around the castle
27 Feb 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 120 - Medically Malfunctioning"
  • Talking about kidney stones and the Ottawa comic con
  • Working on the roof of the cow barn
1 Mar 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 121 - Staircase Preparations"
  • Talking about Chipin and the FLOB/computer fund
  • Building and labeling stair landings
7 Mar 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 122 - Geocaching"
  • Harvesting trees
  • Working on landings
  • Talking about geocaching
13 Mar 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 123 - Staircase 2: The Continued Ascension"
  • Working on stairs
  • Luring the sheep "painting" to its location
18 Mar 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 124 - Staircase 3: Fall of this Joke"
  • Trying to figure out how the floors will connect
5 May 2013 "Minecraft Let's Play 125 - Speedin'"
  • Speed footage of farming leaves for the maze, building the maze, working on redstone and gathering more glowstone in the Nether
  • Talking about the difficulty of trying to change countries on his various accounts, Canadian weather and hockey
13 May 2013 "Fall Damage 126 - Facts and Figures"
  • Continues building his castle - maze, back courtyard
  • Talk on learning a language, plans for castle expansions, future map reset, castle statistics
6 Jun 2013 "Fall Damage 127 - Details"
  • Showing some of the castle details
  • Talking about having to go back to England while he waits for another visa
  • Speed building towers, roofs and adding stone brick details
27 Jun 2013 "Fall Damage 128 - Lazy Jet-lag Episode"
  • Working on the roof of his castle
  • Announcing the reset of the vanilla server
29 Jun 2013 "Fall Damage 129 - Hour Long Tour of Amazing"
  • Giving a tour of his unfinished castle, explaining what he has done, what he wanted to do, and the similarities to the build to the Howarts castle
30 Jun 2013 "Fall Damage Final"
  • A photo montage bidding farewell to the castle

Post 1.6 World[edit]

The playlist for this series is "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4)".

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 1 - New Beginnings" The participants of Beginning of Season 4
3 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 2 - Racking Up the Points"
  • Starving to death
  • Caving, farming and dying
  • Trying to tame a donkey and dying
5 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 3 - Frustration"
  • Caving and dying
6 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 4 - Giving Up"
  • Collecting his stuff and trying not to die
  • Making armor, caving and dying some more
  • Pillaring out of the cave and planing to strip mine
7 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 5 - Fixing Up The Nether"
  • Leaving Guude a chest of gold to apologize for him thinking that he was going to live in the same jungle
  • Realigning Nether portals
8 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 6 - Obsidian Farm"
  • Speed building an obsidian farm and associated tunnel
9 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 7 - Gold Farm"
  • Working on making a zombie pigman gold farm
  • Discussing his visa problems
18 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 8 - The Humble Beginnings"
  • Talking about his computer
  • Explaining his plans to build a mountain and then his castle
  • Speed setting up farms, storage, and working on his starter house
23 Jul 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 9 - More Setting Up"
  • Speed building the balcony and castle walls
  • Talking about his choice of texture pack and while he will continue using it.
1 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (Mindcrack 4) - 10 - The Great Hall"
  • Working on the framework for the great hall
  • Talking about a mod he'd like to see
6 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 11 - Wheat Farming Class"
  • Showing the interior of the great hall
  • Explaining the function of the wheat farm and reservoir
  • Making the student wheat farm
  • Discussing the amount of background he's developed for the build and his opinion on texture packs
8 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 12 - First Year's Entrance Planning"
  • Walking through the sequence of events for beginning students
10 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 13 - Great Hall Entrance"
  • Showing the student list
  • Planning out the entrance for the great hall
13 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 14 - Go Sens Go"
  • Pranking Beef by building the logo of the Ottawa Senators hockey team above his lily pad
17 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 15 - Changing Room Planning"
  • Talking about how he made his prank on Beef
  • Working on the changing rooms
19 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 16 - Collecting Leaves"
  • Getting leaves from Guude, leaving him a pick and changing his "G" logo to an "A"
  • Explaining his item storage system and expanding the area
24 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 17 - Entry Hall"
  • Working on the entry hall
25 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 18 - Iron Farm Tweaking"
  • Working on the iron farm
29 Aug 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 19 - Pip Pip"
  • Working on the courtyard
  • Talking about his Harry Potter play-through, views and his computer
8 Sep 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 20 - The Setup"
  • Starting a casino at spawn
  • Hunting AnderZEL with VintageBeef as part of the Death Games
VintageBeef, AnderZEL, generikb
13 Sep 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 21 - Death Games Strikes Again"
  • Preparing for and attacking BdoubleO100 in the Death Games
  • Showing his casino and talking about the materials required to continue building
BdoubleO100, Etho
2 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 22 - Room 101"
  • Working on a bedroom in the hotel for his casino
10 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 23 - Back to the Castle"
  • Talking about his plans for the casino and how he's incorporating donors into an alumni book
  • Building a secrete passage
13 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 24 - Secret Passages"
  • Showing his cobble generating and smelting system
  • Making a piston tree farm
  • Lighting up the tree farm
19 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 27 - Death Games Double Cross"
  • Doubling crossing VintageBeef in the Death Games
20 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 28 - New Computer"
  • Touring the second floor and continuing to build
  • Talking about getting a new computer
  • Working on the redstone for the door to the haunted wing
21 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 29 - Introducing Crack Mail"
  • Explaining the redstone for the door to the haunted wing
  • Fighting VintageBeef in the Death Games
  • Making a MindCrack post office
30 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 30 - Quartz Shortage"
  • Showing the work he's done on the hotel
  • Talking about his plans for Zisteau's spawn lighting tunnels
  • Experimenting with designing a chandelier for the hotel
31 Oct 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 31 - Annual Chamber"
  • Making an item dispensing calendar
15 Nov 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 32 - English Corridor"
  • Working on the English corridor
  • Talking about YouTube's new comment system and a new LP
18 Nov 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 33 - Beacon Network"
  • Setting up his first beacon
21 Nov 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 34 - Relaxed Talky Episode"
  • Talking about his other series
  • Working on the castle
22 Nov 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 35 - I Made a Terrible Mistake"
  • Purchasing Wither heads from Sethbling's shop
  • Trying to kill the Wither
23 Nov 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 36 - The Kitchens"
  • Explaining the results of the Wither fight
  • Laying out the kitchen
2 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 37 - English Classrooms"
  • Showing secretes that were added
  • Explaining the development of the catacombs
  • Adding a blackboard to the English corridor
11 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 38 - New Glasses"
  • Working on the walls and foundations of a wing of the castle
12 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 39 - Roofs and Owls"
  • Showing the location of the lake
  • Working on the roof and connection to the owlrey
13 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 40 - Chowlrey"
  • Working on the owlrey roof
  • Adding owls (chickens) to the owlrey
14 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 41 - Gravel Paths and Ugly Lights"
  • Working on paths
  • Talking about his upcoming "choose your own video" series
19 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 42 - Walking in a Winter Wonderland"
  • Discovering that Team Canada has decorated his castle grounds with a Canadian theme
21 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 43 - Card Dealer in Minecraft"
  • Making a card dealer for the casino
24 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 44 - Pick A Pick"
  • Working on a store to sell pickaxes
  • Talking about PlayMindcrack
  • Working on the casino sign and interior
31 Dec 2013 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 45 - Easy Slot Machine in Minecraft"
  • Opening his Christmas Presents and discussing his holiday gifts
  • Working on a slot machine for the casino
  • Killing a horde of zombies trapped in a cave
2 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 46 - Gambling away our savings (Reuploaded) Bonus GreedCorp Competition"
  • Testing and refining the gambling game
  • Announcing a game competition
  • Discussing the next games he might build
4 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 47 - The Thunder Dome"
  • Removing the ice from the hockey rink and filling part of the reservoir
  • Working on his giant dome in the desert
7 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 48 - Silverfish Pranking"
  • Moving silverfish blocks using pistons
  • Modifying the payment system for the pick shop
9 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 49 - Roulette and Snapshots"
  • Explaining different iterations of the roulette machine
  • Testing some of the new recipes in the first 1.8 snapshot
11 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 50 - Holy Big Domes"
  • Working on the base of the dome
  • Discovering snowmen that had escaped the prank
  • Building part of the glass dome
16 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 51 - Lucky Diamond Roulette"
  • Working on the roulette
  • Laying out lettering on the casino side
18 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 52 - The Strangest Glitch"
  • Requesting free cakes from the B-Team's bakery
  • Working on the roulette
  • Experiencing a strange glitch
21 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 53 - New Map, New Castle"
  • Touring his season 2 castle
  • Telling the story of how he got on the server
25 Jan 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 4) - 54 - Flower Power"
  • Working on the castle interior and automatic doors
  • Talking about going to Canada and his stream
  • Covering Etho's bases with flowers in return for the Canada prank by Team Canada

Post 1.7.10 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jul 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 5) - 1 - 500x500"
  • Introduction to Season 5
  • Trying to survive and gather materials
  • Luring animals
See Beginning of Season 5
24 Jul 2014 "Fall Damage (mindcrack 5) - 2 - The Ad Pad"
  • Working on a tower at spawn
  • Working on redstone in the tower
BlameTC, generikb