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The Minecraft avatar of Kennedyzak

Kennedyzak in real life
Born (1994-08-31) 31 August 1994 (age 25)
Country United States
Gender M

Kennedyzak, also known as Zachary "Zak" Kennedy as his personal name,[1] is a former member of the MindCrack server. He joined in May 2011 through winning third place in the second contest[2][3] for a video submission with his Minecraft Let's Play partner davmandave.[4] He lives in Waterville, Maine.

Let's Play[edit]

After his removal from the server, Kennedyzak started season 2 of In Search of Diamonds, without davmandave.[5] The series became inactive due to some changes in his personal life.[6] In June 2013, he started a new series from his own channel.[7][8]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Commander Keen "Kennedyzak plays Commander Keen 4" 31 May 2011
Assortment of games from his Steam library "Kennedyzak Plays" 27 Nov 2012
The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb "Kennedyzak's Plays: Binding of Isaac!" 14 Jul 2013
Map Playlist or First Video Start date Brief description
Survival Multiplayer "In Search of Diamonds" 22 Apr 2011 Featuring davmandave. Episode 14 onwards on MindCrack
Survival single player "In Search of Diamonds - SE:2" 30 Jul 2012
Survival single player "Kennedyzak's Minecraft Adventures" 8 Jun 2013


Kennedyzak played on the pre-1.8 MindCrack Season 2 world where he lived next to davmandave on an island close to Nebris. He regularly uploaded videos from the server during May and June 2011 but was removed from the whitelist during summer of 2011 due to inactivity and did not return for the Season 3 world.[9][10] Kennedyzak does not want to ask Guude to return to the server and considers it rude to do so. Instead he prefers Guude to ask him to return to the server.[11][12]


Minecraft skin[edit]

Kennedyzak's skin


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