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Season 20[edit]

UHC20 Banner.png
Season 20
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Version 1.8.1
Type Teams of four
Objective Slay the Ender Dragon
Players 21
Date 10 February 2015[1]

The twentieth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a race to kill the Ender Dragon between five teams of four - a throwback to season 9. Arkas began by himself, joining the first team he encountered.

The season was announced on 13 February 2015 with an official trailer, and the teams were revealed on 15 February 2015 in another trailer, both created by Arkas. The first episode was released the following day. The intro was also made by Arkas, featuring the song "Clenched Teeth" by Kevin MacLeod, though PauseUnpause used the song "Atlantic" by Rogue, and W92Baj used the song "Scarlet Fire" by Otis McDonald.


This season featured 21 Mindcrackers, and included no guests. Team Nancy Drew and Team Pottymouth, both of which participated in season 9, reunited for the season. This was the first time that all the teams were not equal in size.

TeamMembersChat color
Team Arkas.pngArkasArkasArkasArkasWhite
Team Leftovers.pngDocm77kurtmacSethBlingSuperMCGamerAqua
Team Nancy Drew.pngGuudePauseUnpauseVintageBeefW92BajRed
Nancy DrewGuudePauseUnpauseVintageBeefW92Baj
Team New People.pngAureylianCoestarOMGchadSevadusGreen
New PeopleAureylianCoestarOMGchadSevadus
Team Potty Mouth.pngAnderZELgenerikbMillbeePyro_0Blue
Team WNtRtFOaTNFUSWDNO.pngBlameTCNebrisPakratt0013VechsYellow
UHC 20 spoiler.jpg

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