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The Minecraft avatar of madcow21
Country United States
Gender M
Other names madcow, Oxus, Corky[1]

madcow21, also known simply as madcow, is an inactive member of the Mindcrack Server. Madcow was a founding member of the server, having been Guude's real-life friend since high school.[2] Madcow is still whitelisted on the server, but has not been seen for some time.[3]

Madcow is most notably featured in Guude's early Mindcrack intros in which Madcow accidentally walked into lava and Guude exclaimed, "Oh, he's on fire!"[4]


Madcow's cow abductor

Madcow was previously an op on the server,[5][6] but it is implied he is no longer one.[7] Madcow was the primary builder of the Season 2 spawn, notably the lighthouse (location: 95, -110). His base was located adjacent to spawn (location: 95, -190). Madcow played briefly on the Season 3 server. He had a plot in the spawn village in which he built a cow abductor (location: 165, 215).

Personal life[edit]

As of September 2014, Madcow had recently moved to San Francisco, California for work.[8]


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