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The Minecraft avatar of Alcimedes

Alcimedes in real life
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Alc, Shawn

Alcimedes, known simply as Alc, or his personal name Shawn Murphy, is a former member of the Mindcrack Server. In an episode recorded on 9 December 2010, and released on 13 December, Guude mentioned that Alc was the third member of the server.[1] He was introduced to the server in a video titled "Let's meet Alc" that was released the following week.[2] He is a friend of Guude from World of Warcraft.[3] Alc became inactive during the summer because he golfs a lot during that time of year,[4] and was removed from the server whitelist as a result.

Alc lives in Upstate New York.[5] He had occasionally appeared in Guude's "Mail Time" videos after his removal from the server.[6] He began producing Let's Plays in November 2012, but stopped suddenly in January 2013.[7] Alc had requested to return to the server at some point, but was denied by Guude, saying that he "had his chance."[8]


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