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This is a list of Pakratt0013's MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by Pakratt0013 on the MindCrack server.

Post Beta 1.8 World[edit]

The playlist for both seasons is MindCrack SMP.

Video Notable events Featuring
14 Oct 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 1"
  • First video
  • A tour of his house in the spawn village
  • Discussing who he is in real life and who he is as a gamer
16 Oct 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 2 - 'Shroom Farm"
  • Rebuilding his mushroom farm
28 Oct 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 3: Tree Farm, or 'Meet Tak'"
  • Having "Tak" explain how the tree farm works
1 Nov 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 4: New rooms, and showin' my storage"
  • Explaining how his storage room functions
  • Giving a tour of new rooms in his house
10 Nov 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 5 part 2: Movin' On OR The Nether be Craizee"
  • Dodging Ghasts
  • Trying to connect portals
  • Starting to construct his mob trap
10 Nov 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 5 part 1: Movin' On OR The Nether be Craizee"
  • Starting to build his mob trap in the ocean
  • Making a nether tunnel back to spawn
13 Nov 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 6: The Valley Trap OR Tak's Return"
  • Having "Tak" explain how a valley trap is designed
26 Nov 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 7: How (Not) To Fill An Ocean"
  • Trying to use lava to make a wall in the ocean
  • Sharing techniques for removing water using sand
10 Dec 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 8: Stuff Goes Boom."
  • Enchanting
  • Laying down TNT and blowing up a portion of the desert
13 Dec 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 8a: Prank #1 OR The Loooong Walkway"
  • Rerouting Guude's nether path to lead a long distance away
15 Dec 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 9: Basically..."
  • Building the "Bomber Man" TNT arena in "The Guudeland
  • Talking about his Long Walk prank
  • Talking about difficulties recording
23 Dec 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 10: Mindy Crackmas!!!"
  • Flatting the area around the tree, adding a train, and making snow golems
  • Lighting up tunnels under the road to pacify the snowmen
25 Dec 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 10a: Gift Unwrappin'"
  • Opening his Christmas gift
  • Looking at Santa
  • Watching Nebris open his present
30 Dec 2011 "Pakratt's Collections 11: Target Practice"
  • Giving a tour of the TNT arena
  • Starting to build the Leaf Spleef
  • Testing a TNT firing range design in creative (not on the MindCrack server)
10 Jan 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 12: Nothin' Special (quick update)"
  • Showing Arkas' additions to Guudeland
  • Discussing where he'd like the TNT shooting range
  • Adding the finishing touches to the TNT arena
17 Jan 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 13: Beginning Of Firing Range (and more!)"
  • Working on the spawner for the firing range
  • Blowing up a cobble tower of thejims at Guudeland
  • Looking at Guude's prank at VintageBeef
2 Feb 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 14: Boom, Heart, thwang!, BOOOOM!!!"
  • Helping thejims blow up part of his spawn house
  • Moving Etho's Christmas gift to his cave as a Valentines gift and talking about accepting gifts
  • Working on the firing range at Guudeland
  • Blowing up more of the desert with Pause
PauseUnpause, thejims
14 Feb 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 15: The Village Dock"
22 Feb 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 16: VBs' Big Boom (part 1)"
  • TNT tests on both the MindCrack server and a creative world
  • Setting TNT to clear out the area in front of VintageBeef's castle
  • Discussing updates to Minecraft, generikb asking to be on the server
adlingtont, ShreeyamGFX, VintageBeef, W92Baj
22 Feb 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 16: VBs' Big Boom (part 2)" adlingtont, ShreeyamGFX, VintageBeef, W92Baj
1 Mar 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 17: TNT Firing Range Begins"
  • Explaining why the target won't be the Chunk error village
  • Starting to work on the TNT firing range
15 Mar 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 18: Build a Boat-ish"
  • Talking about the updated zombies breaking into his spawn house
  • Explaining how the bread machine works and showing the King of the Ladder that was added to Guudeland
  • Talking about missing out on UHC and a part he has in a play
  • Building a boat
  • Talking about building a donation cannon
17 Mar 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 19: Bedrock Doors (prank #2)"
  • Setting up noisemakers above Team Canada's Nether tunnels
30 Mar 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 20: The Furnace Prison"
31 Mar 2012 "Haters Gonna Hate (Pakratt's Collections 20a)"
13 Apr 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 21: Back 2 Work (Double Zombie Spawner)"
  • Working on the zombie spawner
  • Testing a zombie farm design in a creative wold (not on the MindCrack server)
4 May 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 22: The Mark III"
  • Testing his donation canon design in a creative wold (not on the MindCrack server)
5 May 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 23: Guude's 300th!" See Slaying of the Ender Dragon
9 May 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 24: Gladiators and Sheryl"
  • Sheryl the donation canon
  • Concept idea of Skeletal Assault
28 May 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 25: The Hill Looked At Me Crossways..."
  • Flattened the west hills of Guudeland
  • Designing the Skeletal Assault
11 Jun 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 26: Assult down, Valley up"
  • Explaining mechanics behind the Skeletal Assault at Guudeland
  • Testing and explaining mechanics in a creative wold (not on the MindCrack server)
27 Jun 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 28: The T3 Project Revealed! (part 2 of 2)"
  • Explaining the T3 scavenger hunt, comprised of the cryptic pillars
  • Blasting a sheep out of Sheryl for a donator
27 Jun 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 27: The T3 Project Revealed! (part 1 of 2)"
26 Jul 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 29: The Cobble Box"
  • Working on his Valley Trap
  • Talking about the lack of videos
  • Talking about the series Pakratt's Pondery and CobbleHATERz
28 Jul 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 30: Pandoras' Rant"
  • Clearing more area for Guudeland by hand and with TNT
  • Talking about how he uses Pandora and ranting about how they define Christian Rock
31 Jul 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 31: KotL v2.0"
22 Aug 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 32: Walk around"
  • Describing changes to Sheryl and why she blew up
  • Discussing the changes and ideas for games at Guudeland
26 Aug 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 33: Playtime at Guudeland again!" AnderZEL, Etho, generikb, mcgamer, Millbee, VintageBeef, W92Baj
6 Sep 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 34: Ruins Under Sheryl"
  • Discussing changes to the skeletal assault at Guudeland
  • Showing his donation room behind Sheryl
14 Sep 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 35: Auto Leaf Spleef?"
  • Discussing plans for the leaf spleef
  • Showing where the UHC Monument was relocated
15 Sep 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 36: Minecraft Version 1.never"
  • Making a food court Guudeland
  • Discussing additions he'd like to see to the "mine" part of Minecraft
29 Sep 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 37: Wither & More" See Slaying of the Wither
1 Oct 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 38: Perry Mason Rolls In His Grave..." See Etho v. B-Team
3 Oct 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 39: 'Justice' continued"
  • Conversation during the recess
  • Etho v. B-Team
  • Snippets from the jury deliberations
See Etho v. B-Team
15 Oct 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 40: Labyrinth Of The Minotaur" See Minotaur
11 Nov 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 41: Chickens n' Swamps"
  • Explaining how the chicken cooker works at Guudeland
  • Describing how he found a witch hut and starting to work on turning it into a mob trap
12 Nov 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 42: Swamps n' Bombs"
  • Giving a tour of progress on the witch farm
  • Trying to make a Nether path and connecting to adlington's base
  • Honoring donators and talking about The Spawn
22 Nov 2012 "Pakratt's Collections 43: FeeBea"
  • Showing the progress on reducing spawns around the witch spawn on the MindCrack server
  • Gathering resources in Feed the Beast
  • Choosing a new base near a wasteland biome and exploring the area around it
29 May 2013 "Pakratt's Collections 56: Change Is Good"
  • Talking about becoming a full-time YouTuber, series on his channel, TerrafirmaCrack
  • Working on the witch farm
31 May 2013 "Pakratt's Collections 58: Guudeland Assessment"
  • Surveying Guudeland and what improvements remain to be done
  • Surveying how patches have affected Bomberman, Skeletal Assault and Sheryl
17 Jun 2013 "Pakratt's Collections 61: Assult Mk II"
  • Working on a second, improved version of the Skeletal Assault in Guudeland that takes advantage of updated skeleton mechanics
  • Testing basics on when skeletons in the Skeletal Assault Mk II can and cannot aim at players
26 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Season 3 Finale Pt 1" See Season 3 Server Tour
27 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Season 3 FINALE part 2" See Season 3 Server Tour

Post 1.6 World[edit]

The playlist for both seasons is MindCrack SMP.

Video Notable events Featuring
3 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e01 - AND SO IT BEGINS."
  • Discussions prior to the official start of the server, and the first take of the introduction
  • Beginning of Season 4
  • Fighting to survive the first night
  • Working on the public mineshaft
The participants of Beginning of Season 4, Millbee, Pyro_0
4 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e02 UHC Nether RuuuUUUNNN!!!" See Entering the Nether
4 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e02 EXTRA" See Entering the Nether
6 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e03 PREGAME" See Killing the Enderdragon
6 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e03 UHC Dragon Fight!!!" See Killing the Enderdragon
8 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e04: Goose n' Guudeland"
  • Leaving his first area and heading towards the location of his new base
  • Going on the B-Team's wild cave goose chase
  • Fighting zombies at his which hut
  • Giving a tour of the island chain where Guudeland will be built, and discussing possible builds
8 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e05: Proposition Preparations"
  • Working on farming Wither heads and killing blazes
14 Jul 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e06: Wither Fight!!!" See Slaying the Wither
22 Aug 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e07 - The New Inn"
  • Showing what he has built at Guudeland since the last episode and explaining that he built it all across multiple livestreams
23 Aug 2013 "Pakratt's Collections s4e08 - Witches n' Ladders"
  • Showing progress made on his witch farm, with the fear it will be broken in future updates

Post 1.7.10 World[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Collections s5e01 - New Map, Old Mobs"
  • Introduction to Season 5
  • Surviving and trying to gather basics
See Beginning of Season 5


Some episodes of "Pakratt's Collections" are filmed on the MindCrack FTB server and can be found at Pakratt0013/FTB.