Slaying of the Wither

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Fighting the Wither

The slaying of the Wither was a MindCrack event on 28 September 2012. Nebris,[1] VintageBeef,[2] and Guude[3] had grinded in the Nether in order to obtain Wither Skulls, which are necessary to construct the Wither. Due to the destructiveness of the Wither, the fight happened on a remote island. The participants of this event were:

thejims was unable to participate because he was busy cooking dinner for his lady.[4] A platform was constructed high above the island so that the members can reset their spawn and have their spawn protected from the Wither. Nebris was the first to construct the Wither. After the first phase of the fight, Guude and VintageBeef constructed the second and third Withers at the same time. The Withers dropped Nether Stars upon death. After the fight, the entire group engaged in free-for-all to determine who would obtain the last Nether Star.



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