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The Minecraft avatar of Mookake

Mookake in a vlog
Born (1980-07-23) 23 July 1980 (age 41)[1][2]
Country United States
Gender M
Other names MookakeLP

Mookake, also known by his personal name Bill,[3] is an American Let's Play commentator and a guest of the CrackPack server since June 2016.

Let's Play[edit]

Original intro titlecard used by Mookake

Mookake started Let's Playing in January 2012, having been inspired to do so by Guude.[4]

On the Lords of Minecraft server, Mookake was sworn in as Guude's squire soon after the server's launch in July 2014. Unlike squires owned by other Lords, Mookake was allowed to speak so as to allow him to create videos from the server.[5]

In September 2015, Mookake created the Minecraft Chainworld series with MrScaryMuffin, which various Mindcrackers would later play.[6]


During a discussion on the Mindcrack Podcast in July 2012, Guude suggested Mookake as a possible new addition to the Mindcrack Server.[7] Guude and Mookake had become friends after Mookake messaged Guude, grabbing his attention. The pair met in person for the first time at PAX South 2016.[8] Mookake joined the CrackPack server as a guest in June 2016, livestreaming from the server for the first time on 28 June.[9]


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