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The Minecraft avatar of jaaski

(1989-12-31) 31 December 1989 (age 30)/

(1989-01-01) 1 January 1989 (age 31)[1][2]
Country New Zealand
Gender M
Other names jaaski99, jaashole, IAmLucasJC

jaaski, also known as jaaski99, is a New Zealand livestreamer and guest of the CrackPack server since 17 July 2016, having been invited to join by PauseUnpause.[3]

Jaaski first gained prominence within the Mindcrack community during the 2013 Mindcrack Marathon, when he donated $1000 to Child's Play charity to blow up generikb's residence on the Mindcrack Server, the Haunted Plantation.


Jaaski lives in Auckland, New Zealand.[4] He has mentioned previously working in radio.[5]

Let's Play[edit]

Jaaski uploaded vlogs to his YouTube channel in 2008. The videos, which were watched by a handful of viewers, have since been deleted or privatized.[6]


During the 2013 Mindcrack Marathon, an intoxicated generikb was attempting to think of $1000 donation incentives; Vechs_ suggested generikb blow up his Haunted Plantation, which he agreed to. Within five minutes, Jaaski's donation of $1000 to Child's Play had been received.[7] Regretting his agreement to Vechs' suggestion, generikb proposed that a $2000 donation would overturn Jaaski's donation, which Jaaski accepted. A $2000 donation was received from skrubbzilla soon after the mansion had been destroyed, and an earlier world map was restored.[8] Known as the 'Jaaski Incident', the series of events was voted third place by /r/mindcrack for "best viewer interaction" of 2013.[9]

Jaaski was invited to join the CrackPack server by PauseUnpause on 17 July 2016.[3]


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