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The Minecraft avatar of CH33ZY_89
Born ~1989 (age 30/31)
Country Canada
Gender M
Other names
  • CH33ZY89
  • CH33ZY
  • Kurtis

CH33ZY_89, also known by his personal name Kurtis Oake, was a guest of the Mindcrack Server in March 2015, having donated $2,732 to Guude's Extra Life page.


Kurtis' donation

Following a few months of absence, Guude returned to the server on 5 February 2015, announcing that he would record a new episode for every $500 raised on his Extra Life page. Guude added that when the total reached $10,000, the highest donor at the time would be allowed to join the server as a guest.[1] Kurtis donated $2,732 to Guude's Extra Life page on 9 February 2015, the same day the total reached $10,000.[2] His donation was mentioned in Guude's episode released the next day.[3]

Guude said that they had planned to record their episode together on 20 February,[4] but a misunderstanding of timezones delayed the recording.[5] On 2 March, Guude mentioned that they had spent 4 hours on the server together.[6] Their video was released the following day, titled "S5E39 - Joined by our Top Donor". It featured the two of them building a hospital that Kurtis had designed beforehand.[7] Kurtis released a behind the scenes video from the server, but it is no longer available.[8][9]


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